Stories of 5 Women Who Changed Their Destiny


5 best inspiring stories of successful women

This is the first day of 2019 and I want all of us to kick it off with something absolutely inspiring! So here are stories of some more wonderful women making us feel proud of their accomplishments and their passion for service to humanity. Even though the women population all across the world is 49.60% (almost half of the world’s population) still Gender disparities remain the critical issue. But there are few women who didn’t let the world stop them from achieving the milestone in their life and inspiring other women to do the same. Below are the few stories of successful women all across the world who work for the betterment of the society and making it a better place for all to live in.

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1: Khalida Popal:*_1fkYqF8Mo_ugQ363p4D2A.jpeg

Khalida Popal is a football player from Afghanistan. She raised her voice against all those powerful men from the same industry who were involved in corruption. As those male were powerful and holding the precious spot in the industry, they started threatening Khalida. Khalid has to go underground to save her life. She lived underground in India for a period of time and then with the help of a sports company owner she moved to an asylum in Denmark. During her stay in the asylum, she felt that there are many women who were depressed, living there for many years and she need to do something for them. As a result, Khalid started a sports organization named Girl Power Organization where she started teaching football to other women in the asylum.

Today, she holds the position of Program and Event Director of the Afghanistan Women’s National Football Team. Her only goal is to fight for women rights in Afghanistan and help the girls to come out and play the sports whichever they are interested in.

Her message for fellow women:

Be united and help each other. We can’t change the women’s situation around the world. Fighting as an individual is very difficult. Only if women come together and stay united and help each other women become powerful. Then it won’t be easy for anyone to hurt women when they are a strong unit.

2. Dr. Ola Orekunrin:*UHGKMdNiFZx4mmHwREFdNQ.jpeg

Source: Unknown

Sometimes major decisions in one’s life and career are taken when confronted with adversity. This happened to a young Nigerian lady doctor. When Dr. Ola Orekunrin’s sister fell ill — very ill, while staying with relatives on a holiday in Nigeria, a local hospital could not attend to her sickle cell anemia. As a result, Ola and her family began to search for an air ambulance to safely take the sister to a suitable medical facility in the country.

Their search took them to Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone and Cameroon and across West Africa — but all in vain. The only one to be found was 5 hours away, in South Africa. But by the time transport was arranged, Ola’s sister had died. What’s so sad is that although her condition could have been cured with the right medicines in the emergency ward of a hospital, it was not accessible in the time of dire need. It broke Ola’s heart; she quit her job at Jikie Hospital and moved to Nigeria where she could make a difference in the lives of people and improve the country’s healthcare.

Ola began to study evacuation models and air ambulance services in developing countries so that she could launch her own ambitious enterprise Flying Doctor Nigeria Ltd. Her motivation to start the caring business was to help critically ill patients get the right doctor and effective treatment. Today, Flying Doctor Nigeria is the first air ambulance service in West Africa which provides with the urgent helicopter, airplane ambulance, and evacuation service to seriously injured people.

For Dr. Ola, this is just the beginning of a healthcare revolution across West Africa!

3. Lindy Wafula:*_dxXwuvtVZL7RWmO9IYUAQ.jpeg

Lindy Wafula provides village women in Kenya with business skills in various vocations to help them earn a living and also support their families.

Lindy Wafula is a Development consultant, Social Entrepreneur, Politician, and Motivational speaker. Currently the CEO of Village Ventures International, a social enterprise that empowers women, youth and people with disabilities with vocational and entrepreneurial skills, seed capital and tools for trade with which they can establish village enterprises for sustainable community development.

She is a fellow in several initiatives including Vital Voices Lead (Vital Voices), Women in Public Service Project (Wellesley College), Global Women Leadership Network (GWLN), Cordes Fellowship (Opportunity Collaboration) and Women of influence. In these social networks, being able to sharpen her ideas and skills as a leader and social entrepreneur. She also serves as a mentor to budding women community leaders and speaker to women conferences.

Her message to fellow women:

First, believe in yourself that It is possible to achieve that which you in your heart and mind to do life but be guided by the need to positively impact the life of another person. Help the poor and the needy. Work to make the world a better place to live in. In doing this do not wait to be rewarded by friends and people around you, but rather find from in within your inner satisfaction.

4. Sanem Oktar:*FRPxeHYbDqIzl9yluO7oNA.jpeg

Turkey suffers from a male dominant culture, which places women to a secondary place in all layers of life, including business. According to this culture, woman’s main responsibilities lie in her home and children. This approach helps to exclude women from education, employment and business world. Many important policies and laws have been launched to remedy the problem of under-employment of women. After all, by excluding them, you are wasting half of your society’s potential and energy, which would help so much for development and welfare of the country. However, solution starts with challenging this culture, creating awareness against it, providing a good education for all children and youth.

KAGIDER, co-founded by Ms. Sanem Oktar, is reversing the trend of gender inequality by raising the number of women entrepreneurs. KAGIDER have been working actively in the fields of education and awareness creation among women. The Women Entrepreneurs Association of Turkey (KAGIDER) was founded in September 2002 by 37 woman entrepreneurs. It is a non-governmental organization working to support women entrepreneurs and strengthen women’s economic, social and political position in society. KAGIDER believes that women entrepreneurs have a strong impact on reversing the trends of gender inequality and women’s economic exclusion.

Her message to fellow women:

Do not forget that not every good idea is a good business plan. So think well before starting it and consult to experienced business people if you can. If you are sure of your idea, then my advice is to work hard, fight difficulties without losing heart and see every problem as an opportunity to move forward.

5. Susan Mashibe:*FldDqBXq434DKm5NTHi18w.jpeg

How would you react if the first client of the company you founded happens to be the President of a large continent? “Wow!” you would exclaim. Hard to believe, but it really happened to a young and comely Tanzanian girl, Susan Mashibe. Susan is Founder and Executive Director of VIA Aviation — a global fixed-base aircraft services operation and the first company of its kind in Tanzania, an East African country. The big, exciting times in her life had a humble start, though.

It all started when Susan was merely years young. One day she was waiting at the Kigoma airport with her grandmother to see her parents’ plane take off. And the little lady thought to herself: “What only if I could fly a plane myself. Then my Dad and Mom would never leave me alone behind.”

In order to transform her baby-imagination into reality, Susan had to wait for 15 years. Now a teenager of 19, she left behind her memories of childhood towns, Mwanza and Dar-es-Salaam, and was soon on a plane to the United States to learn to fly jetliners.

She joined Western Michigan University where she finished her studies and qualified — to eventually become Tanzania’s first woman FAA-certified pilot and mechanic!

Susan also became the first woman in Tanzania to hold both an FAA-certified pilot and an aircraft maintenance engineer. She has achieved all of this in an emerging and largely male-dominated industry in Africa, and her phenomenal success is a testimony to the influence of education, financial independence and a strong belief in self-abilities.

Today, Susan’s client list boasts of Heads of States, Royalty, Global Corporate Executives, the Military, Fortune 500 Executives, Celebrities and so on and so forth.

All these women have shown the world, women are capable of doing far more things than anyone can ever imagine. Let’s cheer for women power! Hope this year brings more such stories making us all beam with pride for being a woman!

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    This is such a great way to start the New Year with 5 very inspirational women who changed their destiny. They are showing us the power of believing in yourself and achieving both in life and business.

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