5 Times Kareena Kapoor Khan Truly Inspired All Indian Women!


Kareena Kapoor Khan is one of the most talented and popular actors of Indian cinema today. She is one of those few actors who have been doing different roles in thier movies. But Kareena is not just a great actor, she is also a woman of substance who has a strong voice on all issues. Here are a few instances from her reel and real life which give precious life lessons to all women.

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Kareena Kapoor Khan’s Inspiring Acts

1. Jab We Met

Kareena Kapoor Khan has played one of her life’s most memorable and popular roles in this 2007 flick. Her endearing character of Geet in this hit movie is of a bubbly, chirpy girl who lives life to the fullest as it comes to her! Needless to mention here that too many roles were copied from this character of Geet in movies and daily soaps that happened after Jab We Met. Even girls in real life got immensely inspired by Geet and adopted her dressing style, her happy-go-lucky demeanour.

5 times kareena kapoor khan truly inspired all indian women

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2. Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu

This 2012 flick of Kareena Kapoor Khan wasn’t a big commercial hit. But what I loved the most in this movie was obviously Kareena’s role! She plays the role of a 27 year old free spirited Christian girl Riana who is loved by a two years younger Punjabi boy Rahul. Riana shows Rahul who is extremely punctual and disciplined in his life, the real way of living life by being care free and happy. In Indian culture, it’s a big thing if a girl is older to boy and most of  Indian female actors would be reluctant to play this older girl role! But Kareena did it and made it fabulous!! Kareena boldly shows girls can be older to boys, they can be more free and fun loving too!

5 times kareena kapoor khan truly inspired all indian women

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3. Gori Tere Pyaar mein

In this again not so big hit movie of 2013, Kareena has again portrayed role of a girl who is older to boy. But that’s not all! In this movie, she has boldly and beautifully played role of a girl inclined towards social service. In this role, she has given a loud and clear message to all girls that it’s more important to stick to the choices you make in life than giving up your dreams for the man you love! It’s a commendable message given by an adorable character played by Kareena Kapoor Khan.

5 times kareena kapoor khan truly inspired all indian women

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4. Udta Punjab

In this controversial movie of 2016, Kareena has played role of a doctor based in Punjab who also run a rehab centre for the drug addicts. She not only cares for the patients but even goes beyond her duty to find culprits behind this whole ugly drugs business in the state. She is a lady who is more courageous than Punjab Police men. This is no doubt again a very powerful and motivating role played by Kareena Kapoor Khan on screen.

5 times kareena kaoor khan truly nsprd all indian women

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5. Kareena’s Pregnancy in Real Life

Indian society generally considers that an expecting mom needs to rest a lot and in fact she should take a full break from her work if she is an actor! But Kareena by her revolutionary thinking is bringing about a change in the mindset of people. She very aptly said, ‘Being pregnant doesn’t mean I’m dead! I’m alive and normal as always and will keep working throughout!’She did TV endorsements, fashion shows, movie shoots during her pregnancy as she used to do when she wasn’t expecting. Moreover, in a society crazily obsessed with male child, Kareena while pregnant  stated, ‘I will love to have a baby girl. I’m myself a girl child and I think I have done more for my parents than any boy could have done.’ Isn’t that a simply awesome statement and a big slap on all male child lovers?


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WonderfulWoman wishes Kareena Kapoor Khan a blessed life with happiness and success in her personal and professional life! Hope she continues to inspire young Indian women by her on-screen and off-screen bold roles!

5 Times Kareena Kapoor Khan Truly Inspired All Indian Women!

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