6 Hindi Movies Every Woman Must Watch!

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Indian Film Industry like Indian society is primarily male-dominated. Most of our Hindi movies are centered around the hero and the heroines are generally shown running to them for their protection. But there are certain movies which have shown the women in true form- strong, unbreakable and unstoppable. Though recently there have been many movies in Indian cinema presenting women power but some of these which have touched my heart deeply and I’m sure you too will love are here for you to add in your watchlist.


Pink (2016) is a movie that raised a very relevant social topic i.e. Importance of Consent for having physical relations with any person. The movie revolves around three confident, young, self-dependent women Minal, Falak, and Andrea who attend a party at a farmhouse. All their problems start from here. They get trapped in an unwanted situation and have to go to the court for proving it was ‘not their fault’ to be at a party, drink and talk to boys which are all considered very normal things for boys in our society but unusual for girls. Their character is assassinated for no reason at all. Though Minal was attacked by a boy for having physical relations forcibly she is presented in a way in the court before the public as if it was her fault to be attacked by a man. Questions like why were she out so late night, what was she wearing, why was she drinking, why was she hanging out with boys are all fired on her to show her a girl of loose character. It is their lawyer who ultimately wins the case by raising a very valid point- Importance of Consent for having sex with anyone. If a person is saying NO you should stop then and there only. No means No. It should never be taken lightly. This heart-touching movie is available on NetFlix.

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English Vinglish (2012) is a movie based on the life of a simple home maker Shashi. Shashi is an excellent cook and even runs a small home run business of making and selling Laddoos (Indian sweet dish). She is taken for granted by her husband Satish and daughter Sapna for the only reason that she is not good at speaking English. Shashi gets an opportunity to learn the language and gain confidence when she is invited by her sister at her daughter’s wedding in New York. She gives a heart-warming short speech in English at the wedding function to the utter surprise of her husband and daughter who feel her pain at being mocked by them for not English well. The story gives a very strong message that every person should be valued for his/her qualities and we don’t have any right to look down upon anyone. The movie is available on Zee5, Youtube and Google Play.

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Queen (2014) is a movie based on the life of a middle-class young woman Rani (In English Rani means Queen). She is a very simple and homely girl who is about to get married as the movie starts. But her fiance suddenly changes his mind and breaks the relation as he finds Rani too simple for himself. He feels she is not a modern and smart girl who will be a good match for him. Rani is although heart-broken at this, she decides to go on her Honeymoon all alone and explore the world on her own. She not only discovers the world but also herself in this amazing journey full of a roller-coaster of emotions, fun, and adventures. This awesome movie is available on the Voot and Jio Cinema.

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Dangal (2016) is a movie based on the life of Mahavir Singh Phogat and his struggles to make his two daughters Gita Phogat And Babita Phogat. The best thing about this movie is that it’s based on a real story. Mahavir Singh always wanted to become a top wrestler and win a gold medal for India. But his dream remains unfulfilled. He thinks he will make his son a wrestler. But destiny had something else in store for him. He gets only daughters, no son. In Haryana, India, girls are only trained to become housewives. So, he thinks his dream of winning gold for India will never get fulfilled. But his girls prove him wrong. After rigorous training by their father his two elder daughters Gita and Babita become world champions and win the Gold medals for India at various wrestling championships. The twist and turns of the movie, its comedy and emotions make you cry and laugh with it. A must watch movie for sure- available on NetFlix!

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Another marvelous and heart-winning movie based on a real living legend is Mary Kom (2014). The movie shows how the life and career of a top boxing champion Mary Kom witness a big change and pose challenges before her after she gets married and becomes pregnant. You feel the helplessness and pain of a woman on being pregnant in the middle of a shining career. She can neither sacrifice her pregnancy nor she wants to give up on a hard-earned career. She bears twin boys and has a long journey before her to get on track again. Fortunately, she has the back of a loving and supportive husband who happily takes care of the kids while pushing her to restart her career. Mary overcomes all challenges by her hard work and dedication and becomes World Number One Female Boxer! The movie gives you hope and loads of inspiration to overcome adversity. Put it on your watch list. Available on NetFlix and Jio Cinema.

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Chhappak (2020) is again a movie based on the life of a real woman Laxmi Agarwal who is an acid attack survivor fighting for the rights of other acid attack survivors. Laxmi was just a 15-year-old young school girl full of hopes and dreams for her bright future when she was attacked with acid by a man more than double her age for refusing his marriage proposal. This attack changed her life forever. She went through extreme physical, mental and psychological pain. But with the help of the right people, she came out of this trauma and is now an internationally known face in the fight against acid attacks. She is a motivational speaker, a social activist, a model and an advocate for the rights of acid attack survivors. Do watch the superb movie. Available on Hotstar.

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