‘7 Secrets To Finding the Right Perfume Online’: Nick Vinckier


There are many thongs which we find hard to purchase online. Though because of the COVID 19 fear, nowadays we want to stay indoors and want to buy everything from digital platforms only no matter what it is. Buying perfume is one such thing that gets difficult in a lack of real-life experience. So ladies, here’s a guest post by Nick Vinckier which most of you will find extremely interesting and useful! Nick is Head of Growth at Chalhoub Group, the largest luxury retailer in the Middle East. In his current role, he focuses on taking Faces.com from 0 to 1, transforming the beauty retailer into the fastest growing online beauty platform of the GCC. He is discussing here in detail how we all can choose a perfect fragrance for ourselves while shopping online.

7 Secrets To Finding the Right Perfume Online

Love shopping online from the comfort of your sofa? Love being able to browse for what seems like forever without having to worry about store closing times? How about being able to refresh your wardrobe and makeup bag without getting out of your pajamas?

There’s a lot to love about online shopping. We’ve embraced it so many ways: online groceries and essentials; holidays and travel; clothing and accessories. But have you ever bought scent online?

Buying perfume online might seem like the final frontier. But more and more of us are crossing it and being very pleasantly surprised. Yes, you can find the perfect perfume online without smelling it first.

Here’s how:

Be aware of the potential pitfalls

Before we start talking about the potential pitfalls of buying perfume online, be aware that buying perfume in-store is not foolproof either

There are often dozens of scents available in-store and, therefore, the air is already full of scent when you spritz. This can confuse your sense of smell and subtly alter the fragrance you are trying. 

Bear in mind, too, that when you first spray a perfume, the top notes are what hit you first. The scent will mature over several hours and the initial top notes will fade. This will give way to different undertones. This is something you need to keep in mind when trying perfumes in-store and are tempted to make an impulse purchase.

You should avoid impulse scent buying online, too. It pays to do your research. Don’t buy a scent after only reading a few lines of description and take your time, following the advice here. Remember that scent is uniquely personal; just because a friend adores their fresh scent, does not mean you will, too. Don’t rush; indulge yourself and enjoy researching the fascinating array of scents available online. 

Look for detailed descriptions

Wearing a fragrance should be more than just about smelling good, but an experience.

This is why good online perfume retailers spend a lot of time and thought crafting their perfume descriptions. Their descriptions should evoke a feeling. This is the feeling you’ll get from the fragrance, as well. Do you get a sense, for instance, of fresh and flirty, or nostalgic and romantic, or dramatic and bold, for example?

Know the fragrance families

In nearly every fragrance description, you’ll see a reference to one of the following fragrance families: floral, fresh, woody, or oriental. Knowing what these mean will help you understand the mood of the fragrance and whether it might suit you.

We tend to be attracted to fragrances that match our personality type or even our particular mood that day. Check out the four main fragrance families to work out which might work for you. 


Floral is probably the biggest category of fragrances. As the name suggests, these fragrances have botanical notes. They’ll remind you of roses, jasmine, lily and many other beautiful, natural scents. Floral fragrances are delicate, romantic and subtle. Many people describe them as particularly feminine.  

They can be sweet, too, especially if they are blended with fruity fragrances, like strawberry, or if they have vanilla notes.


These fragrances are simple and clean, like a breath of fresh air. They may be citrusy, or evoke the feeling of crisp mountain air or a rainstorm. They are elegant, pure and youthful.


Woody scents are sophisticated and a little more powerful. In this family, you’ll find aromas of cedarwood or pine forests, sandalwood and cinnamon. Woody fragrances are popular in both men’s and women’s fragrances.  


These scents are spicier and not for the faint-hearted. Think black pepper, nutmeg, musk and vanilla. They speak of adventure and excitement, and tend to suit bold personalities. 


Perfumes don’t necessarily sit in one camp. Some fragrances that mix elements of two or more families. For example, Givenchy’s L’Interdit mixes florals like orange blossom and jasmine with the more mysterious notes of vetiver, which has an earthy, woody fragrance. 

Some of us may be attracted to one fragrance family alone, whereas some of us might prefer to reflect our complex personalities with a tantalizing mix

Explore Instagram

If you have a shortlist of fragrances, exploring hashtags on Instagram can help you get a better understanding of a fragrance and make a final choice. 

Use hashtags as mood boards. What are real-life wearers associating with the fragrance? What are the color schemes in their shots? Playful pale pink or dramatic deep reds, for example? What outfits are they pairing with the fragrance? 

Answering these questions can help you explore when and why you might wear this fragrance, and how it might make you feel.

Plan for occasions

Do you already have a signature perfume that you tend to wear for every occasion? It can be fun to increase your repertoire and have different perfumes for different occasions, like weekends away or dinner dates. 

When buying perfumes for occasions, think about how you would like to feel at that time. For a confidence boost, you might like to take a step towards something a little spicier or woody. For a playful weekend gathering with friends, something fresher or more floral might suit better.  

The seasons can also affect the kinds of perfumes you want to wear. Fresh or floral for summer, and warmer, muskier scents for a cozier feeling in the cooler months. However, there are no rules. Don’t be afraid to go your own way

Evoke happy memories

Have you ever been suddenly transported back in time in an instant by a scent? Perhaps the smell of a flower that takes you back to playing in a garden as a child, or the aroma of a certain spice that takes you back to a holiday in a far-flung destination. Perfume can have this effect on a person, too.

Is there a scent that whips you away to a happy place? Vanilla, rose and sandalwood are some of the scents that frequently evoke charming memories. Looking out for your “happy scent” as an element of a perfume can be a sure-fire way of finding a perfume online that you’ll truly adore. 

Stick to the best perfumeries

Creating scents is a learned art and by buying the best perfumes, you can benefit from the expertise and innovation of the world’s best-regarded perfumers. Besides this, only the finest ingredients are used. This will mean that scents not only smell incredible but also linger for longer. 

The best-regarded perfumeries in the world include:

  • Chanel
  • Yves St Laurent
  • Lancôme
  • Givenchy
  • Dior
  • Elizabeth Arden

With these perfumeries, you’ll be purchasing classic, highly acclaimed scents that are much-adored worldwide. There are also highly regarded perfumers that produce niche scents similar in quality. These include Alexandre.J, who creates beautifully rich fragrances, many of which are oud-based. 

Ladies, by following this advice, you are sure to find a scent that not only smells beautiful but also speaks to you — a scent that will help you express yourself and make you feel amazing — all without necessarily ever having smelled it before. Stay Wonderful you all wonderful women!

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