‘A New Girl In The City’ Guest Post By Akanksha Shrivastava

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Sometimes life throws us in situations we never ever had expected in our life. When faced with an unwanted and unthought of situation how would you react? Will you get scared or face it boldly like a young girl in a new city Akanksha did? Read her post to know more about her interesting!

A New Girl In The City

I hope I will be able to explore this new career and will be able to give a new turn to my career. I was young and very ambitious girl in my peak age of making career and wanted to prove my metal to the world, win over the world and do something for my parents (even that fuel is still ignited in my heart) I am following my passion of writing; I own blogs and pursuing to become an established writer. When I passed out of my post graduation recession hit hard Indian economy because of which negligible companies came for campus selection, so I needed to search for a job on my own. I remember clearly I searched for jobs online and sent at least 50 CVS every day which made me so busy that I ended up skipping meals! In college, I worked hard for good grades and after college, I worked harder for finding a good job opportunity.

After some months I got a response from Pune city for the job; they called me for an interview. I managed to visit there and attended the interview and got selected. Now I needed to find a place to live in the city, nearby my office so my parents and I decided that we will find a paying guest searching online and we did that. Like responsible parents, my parents came with me to see PG if it was worth living, the facilities, safety arrangements, nearby shops, and travel options, etc when my parents and I got satisfied I shifted to the new place in which 4 girls were already living. It was a 2 bhk flat in which 1 bedroom was small so 2 girls were living in it and in another bedroom which was a master bedroom and bigger, I and the other 2 girls were sharing the space.

Two weeks went by, everything was fine. My roomies were also cool. There were small issues like quality of food, water supply issue in the bathroom, etc but all were manageable happily because I was in love with Pune city and people too. From all these 4 girls 1 hefty girl was handicapped, she only had 1 right hand. She told us she lost her left arm in an accident. She seemed suspicious to us because she had told different stories to everyone about her parents. Some knew she had 1 sibling and her parents were Delhi based; some knew her parents were Rajasthan based. There was one more thing very odd that she owned a car despite the fact that she was working as an admin in a company with average salary packages. She also owned various expensive items like perfumes, shoes, and jewelry. We all regularly heard society people making complaints regarding parking issue of her car.

One day suddenly her roommate came to our room at around 12:40 am and said that this girl didn’t reach PG yet and her phone is not getting connected. We also tried her number but were unable to talk to her. Now it’s been 3 days she was missing and so we informed to PG owner he seemed to know something which he was hiding from us and told he is coming in an hour to pay a visit to our PG and then will have a conversation regarding it.

He did not arrive even after 3 hours. At 7:00 pm we got a call on the extension which hardly rang, I was talking to someone on mobile but disconnected the phone and picked up the phone because others girls were not giving heed to it and being elder to all of them I always compelled myself to behave more responsibly. I picked up the phone and on the other side was society chairman (being spinsters we didn’t give a damn about society members and the chairman, so I was not aware of his name). He said there are cops on the gate of the society with women cops, who want to visit your PG, I got shocked! COPS! what OMG! He said they have all the legal papers (which I heard in movies known as SEARCH WARRANT) to enter your PG and search regarding their case, I was so astonished I asked but can you explain what is the matter, he said the handicapped girl is in Police custody, and one of the charges is she stole a car from a mall which she drives and has many more charges.

I had very small time (till the cops walked through society corridor, reached the elevator and rang the bell of our flat) to explain the horrendous situation we were in and will be going through to my flatmates. The cops arrived and searched through that room in which that girl used to live. After they completed their work, the female cops very decently told us (in India it is a rumor that cops behave badly with people) that we were living with a criminal. She is a thief and has been doing it for 4 years in Jaipur and NCR area. For 4 years she had been indulging in numerous stealing, shoplifting incidents and in two incidents she even attacked people in the process of stealing and those people ended up in getting hospitalized.

I was the oldest among all of the girls so I needed to show courage on my face and had to take care of all of them. We were very scared but we had no option but to spend the night in that flat. We all were thinking and discussing when we used to sleep at night she could have attacked us or done anything because we were available to her for a very long time during the day, we were sharing space with her. The whole night we were discussing where we all will go in the morning. I talked to one of my friends so I decided to go to her place, but my 3 flatmates did not have any friend and relative to go so we had to look for a new PG or sharing flat. We were awake all night and called the numbers which we got from advertisements of PGs, flats on rent online and finally, my roommates also got a place to live. We were awake all night so one of my roommates got the idea to search about her on the internet and we were shocked to see the results, there were many youtube videos of all the big news channels reporting about her criminal cases with her photographs which were not more than a year old. We got so scared and realized we were living in a highly unsafe environment.

In the morning I called one of my colleagues and asked him to help us as he had a car of his father, we both dropped my 3 flatmates to their place and he dropped me to my friend’s place. After reaching to my friend’s place I rewind all the incidents in my memory and felt we were in such a risky situation and I had handled everything with great courage and sanity. I could also call my parents and bother them. They could come to me in 10 hours but I handled everything bravely on my own, I felt very empowered, strong and confident. I realized one thing that I was not aware of earlier, that is, I had so much energy, fire, and confidence in myself. Had I not been put into such kind of difficult situation, I would never have realized it in my whole life. I searched for a new place for myself and shifted there after a few days.

“Courage does not come with gender tag

but should be governed either by ‘heart’

or by ‘mind’ depending on the situation”

About the Author

Akanksha Shrivastava originally from India is currently settled in Miami, Florida. Akanksha is a beloved daughter to her parents and a wife of an IT professional. She worked for 5 years and is now a homemaker because of having shifted to a new country where legally she can’t work. She is still exploring ways in her life and took a halt in writing career. She has recently started two blogs one is dedicated to stories, quotes and poem another one is dedicated to health and fitness.

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