Hello Wonderful Woman!

I’m Deeksha Tripathi! I’m a mom of a toddler, a teacher, and a blogger! I’m trying my best to strike a perfect balance among all these roles! I love reading and writing motivational stories of women achievers. I started WonderfulWomen to empower women through inspirational stories of women who survived all tough challenges of life. It’s not just a blog for me, it’s my dream, my passion! 

WonderfulWoman.in wants to show the world that women can do anything and everything only if they get an opportunity to realize their dreams. Here are the stories of REAL women who dared to dream and broke all barriers to achieving them. These women belong to different class and strata of society, having different age groups and religions. But their passion for living their dream is the common thread in their lives. Money or no money, education or no education, privileges or no privileges these women have shone bright by their hard  and perseverance!

So, come to celebrate womanhood with WonderfulWoman as Every Woman is Wonderful!