An Orphan Girl

orphan girl

Girls are the most beautiful precious creation by God on this earth in whose absence, human life on this earth will end sooner or later. But in many developing countries like India, people have this orthodox mindset that girls are inferior to boys and so they don’t want to have a girl child. Marrying a girl in these societies also requires lots of money which adds an extra burden to parents. Moreover, girls after being married aren’t able to support their parents in any way. Owing to these reasons, many parents kill the girl child in the womb itself. Some of them, throw away the girl child in a dustbin or in roadside bushes after she is born. Such practices are off course very cruel and inhuman. It breaks my heart to imagine what an orphan girl goes through in her life. I have penned down a heartfelt poem for the little angels who don’t have parents. Please read and share if you like it.

An Orphan Girl

I was born as an ‘unwanted’ child…

I don’t know the warmth of mom’s hug, 

All I remember is a cold dark smelly place I was put right after my birth;

I was crying loudly feeling cold and hungry, 

A passerby noticed my crying after an hour or two,

The gentle person took me up in his arms and gave in a home sheltering many more like me, I now know the name of my home…

It’s called an orphanage! 

I was given care and told from an early age that I am an orphan – a child who has no mom no dad…

A child who has no right to dream for her future…

But I decided to be like my mother, not my biological mother but mother who raised me…

The one who made me the strong person I am, Giving unconditional love and care to thousands of girls like me, Yes I want to be like her saving the ones like me…

 Those who are not killed in the womb are thrown into the dustbins not realizing this cruelty will cost entire humanity…

You keep killing and torturing the girls and soon there will be no girl in this world… 

Do you even realize, no girls means no you!

By disrespecting the girls you are endangering your own existence…

Respect the most precious creation of Almighty if you want to protect yourself from extinction!

Let no girl be an orphan, value them, cherish them, own them…

I am an inseparable part of you, don’t try to cut me off from you!

Raise your girls like princesses and they are sure to make you feel like kings one day!

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  • Jennifer Maune 3 years ago Reply

    Wow this poem is so powerful. Very beautifully written!


  • Cindy 3 years ago Reply

    What a heartfelt poem. Yes we must protect and cherish the girls!

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