Anmol Rodriquez An Acid Attack Survivor Redefining Beauty and Fashion

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Acid attacks in India are frequently associated with a woman being attacked for the simple reason that she refused someone’s love proposal. But sometimes this devilish act is not done by jilted lovers or stalkers, but by a girl’s own parents because of being dissatisfied for having a girl child born to them. Such a heart-breaking event happened in the life of

Anmol Rodriquez who along with her mother was attacked with strong acid by her own father (while being breastfed by her mother) when she was merely a two-month-old baby! I know, it’s hard to believe such an inhuman and cruel act by a father especially on an infant of just 2 months. Anmol lost her mother along with the vision of her one eye and getting permanent scars on her face and body in this attack by her father.

But Anmol Rodriquez is not just a survivor of a brutal acid attack, she is also a well-known fashion designer of India. This brave young girl settled in Mumbai, India has conquered the scars given by her father to become a top fashionista and a savior for other survivors of acid attack like herself.

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After committing the heinous crime, the father ran away leaving his wife and daughter to die. The kind neighbors rushed mother and daughter to a nearby hospital. The damage done by acid was so serious that Anmol’s face was completely disfigured and lost vision of her one eye while her mother lost her life after battling with her injuries.

A two-month-old baby who had lost both her loving mother and a father who never wanted her, life was full of hardships. Moreover, she was scared and disfigured beyond help. But God had given this tough life to Anmol for a reason. She had to become a shining example of courage and determination. Till the age of five, Anmol remained in hospital, the doctors and nurses taking care of her on their own. When they were sure that her wounds had nearly healed, they handed her over to Shree Manav Seva Sangh, an orphanage. This orphanage became Anmol’s real home, but there was a struggle to mix up with other children which was very difficult.


“I was too young and never understood why I looked different from others at the hospital. But when I came to the orphanage I realized children were different than me. While no one hated me, initially they were scared of my face. Gradually, as we grew older, I made many friends. But outside the orphanage, it was always difficult,” Anmol Rodriquez

Despite being an acid attack survivor, Anmol decided to get educated to fulfill her dreams. But due to her scars, Anmol could not make many friends in college. Her love for fashion and stylish dresses kept her going. People appreciated her sense of fashion. To help other survivors of acid attack, Anmol set up an NGO (a non-profit organization) named Acid Survivor Sahas Foundation.

Anmol has helped acid attack survivors in getting back to normal life through counseling and helping them in getting some decent work for their livelihood. She is ‘beautiful’ in the truest sense of the term. She has a beautiful loving heart and a soul full of care and compassion for others. At the young of 25, Anmol is a source of inspiration for everyone around her. She loves to be a fashion model and has got many modeling assignments. Anmol has a huge fan following of over 1,17,000 followers on Instagram.


Though Anmol is a loving and compassionate person and generally people appreciate her true beauty but sometimes she has also met people who are as cruel as her monster father. Her father attacked her with acid and venomous people attack her with their hateful words. Anmol shared one such story on her Instagram account where she shared screenshots of an Insta chat where an unknown person sent her a series of disgusting messages expressing his/her hatred for not being beautiful. The person also questioned her whether her different body parts like her boobs and private parts are also burnt by acid or not? If they are not, she/he wished they were! Anmol was a two-month-old baby at the time she was attacked with acid by her father. I can not imagine how a person can stoop so low!! You too must have felt the same about the disgusting person making such cruel comments on a person as sweet as Anmol.

Anmol Rodriquez represents the young women who say No to giving up under any circumstances and come out stronger, tougher and more powerful than ever when subjected to any cruelty. She is a Wonderful Woman who makes us all feel proud to be a woman! She is definitely a role model to follow for all young girls.

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    What a human… no words. Much respect!

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    This is truly inspiring. We need more of beautiful and inspiring stories like this. This is just power.

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    Thank you so much Dani!

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    wow! She is truly an inspirational woman! What a remarkable and inspiring story! Thank you for sharing! I have heard of acid attacks, but did not know they were a common thing. So very sad.

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    Such a strong girl who can prevail over such horrid circumstances

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