‘Boost Your Confidence’ Guest Post by Mao Yang

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'Boost Your Confidence' Guest Post by Mao Yang

Today’s Guest Post is by Mao Yang from maosinspiration.blogspot.comMao is a 23-year-old young woman with Cerebral Palsy (A neurological disorder that occurs during birth and causes brain damage and affects the part of the brain that controls balance, body and voluntary muscle movements) She loves to write, listen to music, spend time with her family and friends, and meet new people. She is a dreamer who wants to make the world a better place by filling it with hope, kindness, and compassion. She wants her words and voice to inspire others and maybe change the way they view the world. Read this post by Mao where she is giving tips to all of us to boost our confidence!


'Boost Your Confidence' Guest Post by Mao Yang

Boost Your Confidence

Hi everyone!

First before I get started, I just wanted to thank Deeksha Tripathi for allowing me to do a guest post on here. It is an honor that I do not take lightly, I’m just so happy to be here.

Confidence is a difficult thing, we all want to possess it, but it comes more easily to some than it does to others. Those who have it seem to carry it so effortlessly, while those who do not, must dig a little deeper to find it within ourselves. The question is, how? According to Google, confidence is “the state of feeling certain about the truth of something.” While I do not consider myself an expert in confidence, I am a woman who struggles with maintaining it and I agree with this definition. To me, confidence is all about not being afraid of being yourself and owning it. So here’s some tips that I have learned along the way on my journey to find confidence in not only myself, but in my career as well. I hope they help you as much as they have helped me.

'Boost Your Confidence' Guest Post by Mao Yang

1. Embrace your uncomfortability

As stated above, just as confidence is a state of mind, so is not being confident and since you can’t help the way you feel, just be honest, be aware of it and acknowledge it but don’t let it stop you from doing what you do. The majority of the time that I’ve done this in my experience as long as you try and make it seem like you have more confidence than you actually do, people very rarely can tell. If you allow your authenticity and vulnerability to show then you’ll maybe get exactly what you are aiming for which will maybe come in the form of a response from your audience like, “Wow, you looked so comfortable up there.” When in reality, you weren’t, but they bought it anyway because you were simply being yourself doing what you do.

'Boost Your Confidence' Guest Post by Mao Yang

  2. Don’t forget to smile

Even at your most uncertain, a smile is something you always have with you. So if you really want to approach someone but lack the confidence to do so, a smile could be the tool to bring some warmth to your face and allow people to feel comfortable enough to approach you.

'Boost Your Confidence' Guest Post by Mao Yang

3. Dress Up

When you feel and look your best, it should allow you to feel freed, ready to take on and tackle everything and everything, maybe even things you never thought you could.

'Boost Your Confidence' Guest Post by Mao Yang

4. Take Compliments

If someone says something nice about you instead of questioning it, say thank you, take it in, absorb it, and know that you are worthy of it. For if we can’t allow anything nice to be said about us by others, how we learn to be kind, be accepting, be comfortable enough with ourselves to let our self-confidence seed and grow within us?

'Boost Your Confidence' Guest Post by Mao Yang

Now here are my Career Confidence tips

5. Rejection is not Failure

For me, I have chosen to be in the career of a writer, and that means I have dealt plenty of rejection. But what I have discovered through it all is that most of the time, it has nothing to do with you. It has nothing to do with what you did wrong, there is nothing you could have done better. They just found someone better suited for their vision and while it sucks, just know that just because things didn’t work out as you had wanted them to, doesn’t mean that you have failed, or are any less good at your craft, whatever it may be.

'Boost Your Confidence' Guest Post by Mao Yang

6. Do your Research

Nothing gives you confidence like knowledge, so whether it is for a career that you are interested in or something else, it can help you carry on a good conversation on the subject and think about what kinds of questions you would like to ask others with ease.

'Boost Your Confidence' Guest Post by Mao Yang

There you have it, all my tips on how to boost your confidence. As I stated above, I truly hope that these tips help you as much as they did for me. But if there was one thing I would want you to take away from reading this, it is that though these tips may be helpful, it won’t happen overnight, true confidence comes from time, age, maturity so hold tight and never give up on the person you want to be.

Thanks again to Deeksha for allowing me to do this, I had so much fun.

Thank you to you all for reading.

Signing off with love and gratitude,


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  • Lori L Underwood 3 years ago Reply

    Very nice blog! I love inspiring stories. I loved reading about Mao Yang, keep up the good work!
    Lori L Underwood recently posted…Interview 17My Profile

    Mao Yang 3 years ago Reply

    Thank you for reading Lori. I’m glad you liked my story.

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