Breaking Notions Like Glass Vases That A Woman is Fragile Dima Ghawi

dima ghawi

Dima Ghawi: From Being A Victim To A Survivor And An Inspiration

dima ghawi


Dima Ghawi has an extremely inspiring story from being a submissive coy girl to a lady motivating people around the world to rise above their circumstances. Her story has so many twists and turns like a completely entertaining movie. Dima escaped confinements, shattered barriers, crossed continents to discover and create a bold identity for herself and find the true purpose of life.

Dima hails from Turkey, in the Middle East world which is quite conservative. In her family, she was taught from childhood to be a well-discilplined girl i.e. to follow the males, be meek, and submissive. Dima Ghawi felt constrained by the Middle Eastern culture, community, and family expectations that expected her to be devoid of any personal identity. The journey and route of her life were determined by others. Even her value was based on how others judged her. What mattered the most was taking care of the family honor by her in all what she did.

“As a young girl, I was taught about the expectations,” “I wasn’t supposed to have any voice or identity. I wasn’t allowed to leave the house alone until I was 18, and the only reason I was allowed to leave alone was to go to the university.” Dima Ghawi

dima ghawi

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Dima Ghawi studied Economics at the University of Jordan. At the young age of 19, she was introduced to a guy whom she would be married to by her parents and relatives. Of course, she was married to the same man as ‘he liked her’. In 1996, Dima moved to the United States with her husband. She thought moving to the western world would bring her some freedom. But all her dreams of freedom shattered the Middle Eastern culture followed her here too. Her husband had a conservative thinking like other men of his country. To quote Dima, “When we first got married, I was so happy and excited. I was 20 and I asked him, ‘Why did you marry me?’” “He said, ‘Oh because you are like the dough. I can shape you the way I want.’” She was expected to be a submissive housewife taking care of her husband, in-laws and the household. She wasn’t allowed to talk to her parents for more than 20 minutes a week. Dima felt suffocated. In Dima’s words, “The weight of these suffocating external forces consumed me, left me paralyzed with fear, and grasping for a sense of identity.”

Dima Ghawi realized after a long time that she should assert her choice and that her life is precious, a fact she was never told by her family! Dima realized that to leave her husband’s home forever would be risky and need a lot of courage. Still, she resolved to change her destiny and discover her true identity, even if she had to stand alone. She was ready to face the consequences of her bold decision. Her father wanted to kill her for bringing a bad reputation to their family. But Dima walked out of her confining marriage and felt free for the first time in her life.

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At the age of 25, Dima Ghawi after leaving her husband shifted into a one bedroom apartment in San Diego. As her father was furious at her decision, he threatened to kill her mother and sister if Dima didn’t go back to her husband. She helped her mom and sister to escape from Jordan to save their lives. With her mother and sister by her side, Dima decided to pursue her master’s degree at the University of San Diego.

“That is when my world shifted,” “For the first time, I was interacting with people my age and learning about things I was passionate about. My eyes started opening up.” Dima Ghawi

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At the university, a professor encouraged Dima to be a leader in a student organization. “I was raised to be a follower, but that is when I discovered, for the first time ever, that I actually have a leadership skill, that I enjoy developing people, that I enjoy creating strategies,” says Dima. These leadership skills helped Dima grab a position in IBM’s leadership development program almost a year before she graduated.

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Her job in IBM enabled Dima to visit various new places in the world and to get precious global leadership experience. Dima shattered the limitations that chained her. She began a new journey in her life. After 18 years of global corporate experience and the horrific trials of her personal journey she successfully established her own consulting company. In her motivational speeches, Dima Ghawi combines her corporate expertise with her own personal narratives to captivate and motivate her audiences, by reaching into the depths of people’s minds, hearts, and unkindled aspirations and sharing a vision of hope, courage, and wild possibilities. She knows the foundation of empowerment is knowledge and believes the world is hungry for effective leaders who can be agents of change.

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It’s time to shatter your limitations and be courageous – join me as we grow into the leaders of tomorrow. Dima Ghawi

Dima Ghawi has worked in the countries like the US, the Middle East, Europe, Africa, and Asia for many reputed companies. Dima has also founded “Leadership and Empowerment,” an online community for the advancement of women in business. Dima Ghawi has been given many prestigious awards including the 2014 President of the United States’ Bronze Volunteer Service Award.
Dima speaks to the leaders, the visionaries, and the revolutionaries through her motivational talks who are ready to break their limitations.

“With every speech I give, everything I touch, I am bringing my story,” “My motive is not to only share the story but to use it to help people rise and become better and become motivated to live the life they deserve.” Dima Ghawi

dima ghawi



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  • Dima Ghawi 4 years ago Reply

    Thank you for the feature, I so much appreciate all the details that you provided. I hope you enjoy reading Breaking Vases, it has the full story.

  • J Franco 4 years ago Reply

    Wow what an inspiring story of courage determination and passion for a purpose driven life! I dont Think I had heard of Dina until now!

  • Cat 4 years ago Reply

    I love strong women!

  • Tamara 4 years ago Reply

    Wow what a great story! What an inspiration

    Tammie | Photography & Lifestyle Blog

  • Emma 4 years ago Reply

    What an inspiration! Thanks for sharing her story!

  • Christina 4 years ago Reply

    YES to shattering limitations and becoming the best version of yourself. Thank you for this post!

  • Mel 4 years ago Reply

    Such an inspiration

  • Michelle 4 years ago Reply

    I am not overly familiar with Dima Ghawi, but she sounds like she is a force to be reckoned with. It is so inspiring to see women shatter glass ceilings and blaze a trail for other women to follow in their footsteps.

    Great post! x


  • I love this! And I love her for standing up for what she believes and her bravery.

  • Czerina 4 years ago Reply

    Women are strong, compassionate, and capable of anything and everything the put their minds to. Thank you!

  • Nkem 4 years ago Reply

    That was pretty inspiring. I think she is living soulfully – claiming her narrative and sharing it with the world around her, rather than allowing the world to determine who she is!

  • Cornelia 4 years ago Reply

    Really inspiring!

  • Alexandra 4 years ago Reply

    What an amazing story! A powerful and inspiring woman. We can all learn something from this. Thank you so much for sharing!

  • Katie 4 years ago Reply

    What an inspiring story and life she has led. Thank you for sharing!

  • Deborah Kos 4 years ago Reply

    Dina is a remarkable woman. It is so hard being true to yourself when you know your family won’t approve. When you follow your gut, you become an amazing woman.

  • Christie 4 years ago Reply

    I couldn’t stop reading and want to know more!! What a truly inspirational woman, I have nothing but respect for her as her amazing journey.

    Thank you for sharing her story x

  • Leanna 4 years ago Reply

    Great post. I haven’t heard of Dina Ghawi, but this post makes me want to learn more about her.

  • Nina 4 years ago Reply

    Such an inspiration! I wish I could be as good a leader.
    Nina recently posted…My postpartum get back in shape journeyMy Profile

  • Jessica Collazo 4 years ago Reply

    She is admirable!!!

  • Charu sharma 4 years ago Reply

    Such an inspirational story! I love the way you have written it.

  • Shannon 4 years ago Reply

    It is so inspiring to see people break the chains of oppression and live their best and most free lives! So glad she is now living a life she loves!

  • Lexi 4 years ago Reply

    I love seeing strong women being an unstoppable force!

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