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Have you ever dreamt of what your life would be like if you could get paid just by traveling around the countries? Well, that is the life Kamiya Jani, the founder of Curly tales, built for herself. In this world of blogs and youtube, Kamiya Jani is a name unknown to none. Being born and brought up in Maharashtra, India, she attended local schools and completed her bachelors in Mass media. After hearing her mom praise a news anchor, she made it her aim in life to become one. Since her childhood, she had traveled across locations with her family and that became the base of her adult life. After the completion of her college, she worked as a finance writer with She has also worked as an editor, producer, and writer at various Tv shows. After working for almost 6 years, she landed an opportunity to be a news anchor at ET Now, which is today considered as one of the biggest business news channels.

However, she couldn’t stay away from travel for long. After some time in her job as a news anchor, she got tired of the routine, and that is when the idea of turning her passion into a profession came to her. So, she finally decided to quit her job in 2016 and started her own travel and food blog, Curly Tales. With just the savings that would last her for no more than a year, she took the leap of faith.With this, she packed her bags and went on her first trip on her own expenses. At first, she started with just penning down her journey and her travel experience, but soon she started making visual content and posted them on Youtube and Facebook. Within 8 months of its launch, her channel took off and she started getting sponsorships and other brand deals.Curly Tales is a platform all about travel, food, and lifestyle. It gives you recommendations on places to visit and the DOs and DON’Ts of the places. It helps to make your journey easier by giving you your travel itineraries and food recommendations.

Not just that, she also interviews various celebs and talks to them over a plate of food.Today after almost 4 years, Curly Tales is India’s biggest travel and food recommendation platform. With more than 2 million followers across different platforms, that one leap of faith that she took years ago seems to be all worth it. It is not just a one-person army anymore, rather a team of many skilled content creators, editors, and videographers, carefully hand-picked by her.When asked ‘Why the name Curly Tales?’, she answers with a smile that her hairs are her most distinguishing feature and she wanted to create something that describes her. In many of her videos, she describes herself as a flower that needs sunlight to bloom, and she found her sunshine in the world of travel and tourism. After exploring over 40 countries and 123 cities,Kamiya has built a successful business and a dream life for herself.Becoming a mother never stopped her from exploring and living her dreams. A content creator from heart, she believes in constant hustling and doing what is to be done. She is an inspiration for the millions of women there. Her story gives the message that it is never too late to follow your dreams and live a life that you dream of.

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