Darling Daughters

darling daughters

A daughter is a priceless gift from God that only lucky people receive. Her beauty, charm, and innocence make our days bright and cheerful. I really don’t know how some parents discriminate against boys and girls. The only concern I have about being a mom to a daughter is her safety. I feel blessed to be the mommy of a girl! She is my best buddy, partner-in-crime, my world, my everything. Here’s a poem to celebrate the beautiful girls we have! Read and Enjoy! Do share if you like it 😉

A daughter is a beautiful blessing by Almighty…

She is an angel sent to your home

To make it beautiful like heaven…

Her innocent smile fills the emptiness of your life..

Her cute little acts make you fall in love with her…

When she wears her little bow dress she looks like a princess..

When she uses her mom’s makeup and wears her heels she looks a little diva..

You want to believe all her pretend plays…

Her love of princess tales, pinks, and dolls everything is just too sweet!

She grows up to be her mommy’s bestie and her daddy’s fairy…

In her absence, the entire house becomes quiet and sad…

Her beauty, her charm, her innocence, her boundless love for her parents are gifts you’ll love to treasure…

A son may make you feel proud but a daughter will always make you feel loved…

She will shower her immense care on you even if she is away…

So, feel special and feel blessed if you too have a cute little daughter! 

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