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Nature is referred to as a mother because she is generous and loving to each of her children. As a result, she has endowed each of us with our own set of abilities and purposes in life. Each of us possesses a unique set of magical abilities. Culture, on the other hand, is not as kind as nature. Culture establishes the ground rules: Who are we? What should we be doing? What are our constraints? Where should a person live? Where should a person go? What should a person do? What should one avoid? And so on.

It is important to realize the significance of nature and culture in our lives. There are a million rules and a zillion dos and don’ts. The rules we choose should help us achieve our life’s purpose.

Something magical happens when a person understands and overcomes their fear of failing, rejection, and self-doubt, and aligns the rules of culture to fulfil their constructive dreams with compassion, discipline, and courage. Not only will the individual be able to fulfil his or her own dreams, but he or she will also set an example for the entire human race.

So, explore the reason for your existence and motivate your mind, body, and soul to work towards it. Later on, it becomes easier to convince everyone else around you: parents, friends, foes, teachers, and so on. Doing something you are good at and were born to do is as important as breathing.

Discover your passion and fall in love with the process. Don’t accept or settle for anything less.

About Smitha

A girl raised in Vijayanagar, near Hampi in Karnataka, Smitha Joshi is an engineer by profession and a creative person at heart. She is from a historic land where every stone tells a story and every morsel fed to a baby is full of stories. She had a hobby of writing poetry, short stories, and screen plays during her early years which now has become a habit and taking the shape of poetry, stories and more. Her other interests are dance, cycling, watching movies and observing nature’s intricacies.

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E-mail: [email protected] Website: www.smithajoshi.com Instagram: https://instagram.com/smithajoshi_writes

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