From A Struggling Single Mom to World’s Top Motivational Speaker Lisa Nichols

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Lisa Nichols is one of the world’s top motivational speakers transforming the lives of people across the globe. She is also a well-known media personality and a corporate CEO- her global platform serving over 30 million people. Her life journey from a poverty-stricken single mom to a multi-millionaire entrepreneur has inspired men and women facing tough challenges in life worldwide. She has helped her admiring audiences to break their limits and find out their hidden qualities and unrealized potential.

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In 1994, when Lisa Nichols was just 27, she faced the toughest time of her life. She had less than $12 in her bank account. Lisa was a single mom to a baby boy who did not even have money to buy diapers for her baby. She desperately wanted to get out of this acute poverty. She knew she h the d

gift of gab. She decided to use her talent for coming out of the trap of poverty. She wanted to tell people never to get de-motivated and keep fighting no matter what just like she was doing. She was really born to be a motivational speaker and change lives of people.

Lisa Nichols knew had to groom herself before trying hands on becoming a public speaker. So she started to practice in front of her bathroom mirror. She pictured herself standing and speaking before thousands of people. She spoke as if she was speaking to a real audience. She imagined how she will move them to tears, how she will make them laugh with her and all other minor details. She wanted to connect with her audience. This image in her mind became the goal of her life. She discovered the true power of her voice. For more than 20 years, Lisa has touched the hearts of millions of people around the world with her highly inspirational words.

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Lisa is the founder and CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of Motivating the Masses, Inc. –a personal and business development training company – helping to develop workshops and programs that transform the lives of people and change the path of businesses across the world. Lisa Nichols is also a famous author who has written seven popular books. In her latest book Abundance Now, Lisa provides practical advice for personal success, based on her own life experiences. Abundance Now is the continuation of Lisa’s New York Times bestseller book, No Matter What.

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The incredible life story of Lisa Nichols changing her own life from struggling single mom living on public assistance to leading a multi-million dollar project inspires others and makes them believe that it is possible to do the same. Her followers all over the world love Lisa for her compassionate style of telling people how to reach unimaginable goals and get all what they want.

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  • mattbritton 3 years ago Reply

    great info!!!

    Thanks for share this post.

  • Alyssa Winters 4 years ago Reply

    Hello, your blog is very nice, I really like it! I was looking this type of post since couple days and through your blog it really helps me. And I am going to share this with all my working mommy friends. Thank you and keep sharing.
    Alyssa Winters recently posted…How to Decide Whether to Repair or Replace a Broken ApplianceMy Profile

  • Matt 4 years ago Reply

    As an up and coming motivational speaker, I did not know about her, but I’ll be listening to her now. Thank you!

  • Dani 4 years ago Reply

    This is indeed inspiring and motivating.

  • What an inspiring article, I would absolutely love to read more about her!
    THESE are the kind of stories our younger generation should be reading right now – absolutely amazing.

    deekshatripathi 4 years ago Reply

    Thanks a lot Wellbalanced Millennial!

  • Alicja | JustRedefine 4 years ago Reply

    My blog is all about motivating Moms, so you can imagine I love the subject 🙂 I follow Lisa on YouTube for some time now and I must admit that every single video gives me all the feels and is very inspiring.
    Alicja | JustRedefine recently posted…Everything you need to know about mommy mindset.My Profile

  • Deborah Kos 4 years ago Reply

    I just finished reading “Abundance Now” by Lisa Nichols. She is like Oprah to me. She is amazing. She went from a struuggling single mom in living on public assistance to a multi-millionaire. She is a wonderful motivational speaker who helps others reach their goals.
    Deborah Kos recently posted…It Is Time For Winter Comfort Foods For The FamilyMy Profile

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