13-Year-Old Marley Dias is Making Black Girls Feel Like Princess

marley dias

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Marley Dias is a 13-year-old African-American girl. She encountered a strange problem when she was 11. The books she read in school were all ‘about white boys and their dogs.’ She could not relate herself to these stories. She wanted to read books that featured black girls as the protagonists. Books which could be read and loved by girls like her.  With this aim in her mind, she launched a campaign #1000BlackGirlBooks. Marley went on to actually collect and donate 1,000 books with black girls as the central characters to various communities. Marley contacted educators and legislators in her country and discussed with them the problem of giving black girls books which could relatable to their lives. She talked to them about the ways to increase the production and distribution of diverse books.

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Marley Dias Gets It Done—And So Can You! 

Marley Dias wrote her own nonfiction book for kids 10 years and above, Marley Dias Gets It Done—And So Can You! in 2017. The book explores numerous activism topics, including social justice, inclusion and using social media for good.

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Marley Dias is the youngest person on Forbes 30 Under 30 list.

Marley Dias came to limelight after launching her campaign #1000BlackGirlBooks when she was just 11-year-old. The idea of collecting and donating books about black girls to black girls struck her when she was complaining to her mother about always reading books about “white boys and dogs,”. She has collected thousands of books with black heroines and donated them to various organizations all over the world. Her own book, ‘Marley Dias Gets It Done And So Can You’ has been read and appreciated all over the globe.

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Comments (9)

  • Deborah Kos 4 years ago Reply

    What an amazing story about a a 13 yr. old girl who became a published author. She also launched the #1000BlackGirl Book. She even made it in the Forbes 30 under 30 list. She is remarkable!

  • Maria Shendrik 4 years ago Reply

    Wow! She is really amazingly special!

  • Felicity J 4 years ago Reply

    Wow! Truly amazing! Keep up they great work!!

  • Good read Deeksha.
    I love reading too(like Ms. Dias). Hope to read her book soon…Story of Ms. Dias in her own words.

  • Alexa 4 years ago Reply

    What a huge accomplishment! She’s set to do great things in life

  • stacey 4 years ago Reply

    Marley is an inspiration to us over 50’s crowd with uncompleted book ideas. I love to see young people identify a void and fill it.

  • Kori 4 years ago Reply

    This is amazing!! I agree with Fiorella!! She’s an inspiration for all girls! Even white girls don’t want to be reading books about white boys and their dogs. Snoooooze. Good on you Marley!! <3

  • DANIELLE BRONSON 4 years ago Reply

    Inspirational and I agree find the thing that makes you happy. The thing you love to do and have passion for and run with it. There is no limits to the growth you can have! Empowering story thanks for sharing.

  • Fiorella 4 years ago Reply

    She is a real inspiration for all girls!

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