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Today’s Guest Post is by Katelynn from theinspiringinvestment.comKatelynn loves Jesus, her hubby, her 4 kids, coffee and anything house related!! Katie (as her friends call her) believes that God made women wonderful, reflective of His image and character and He created us with purpose. Read this beautiful story of hers in which you’ll find all shades of life!

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Broke and Broken to Whole and Thriving



My Story

My story is one of the mistakes, redemption, and grace; it began with an unplanned pregnancy.

I grew up in a highly conservative home. My parents were strict, which I now know they meant for good. However, I allowed resentment and a rebellious heart to take over me, not at all honoring my parents; I wanted my own way, and to be independent.

Shortly after college began (go App State!!), I met my first college boyfriend and needless to say, Mom and Dad did not approve.

We’d end up dating three years before being surprised with the news that would change our lives forever.

Talk about a fast-stop! I found myself re-evaluating life, which was no longer going to be about me. I considered many things and experienced a range of emotions all at the same time, that I can’t fully explain: shame, denial, excitement, terror, joy, regret. Looking back I’m so grateful God was gracious with me in this season.

Much to my surprise my boyfriend, Uriah, didn’t run. In fact, he did everything in his power to graduate in time for our little girl’s arrival. He intended to stay.

Unfortunately, near the end of my pregnancy, my parent’s marriage fell apart and a few days after our little girl was born, Uriah proposed.

I’d experienced loss and life and promise all in the span of a few weeks; and although the following months were filled with exhaustion, newborn snuggles, a wedding dress, and new husband, it was a bittersweet and challenging time for me, because the “home” of my youth was now broken. I was broken.

The House

Then there was this house

Before Renovation First House First Flip Holly Springs North carolina inspiring investment

It needed a-lot of work, and we didn’t know how we were going to fix it, but it was all we could afford.

We needed a fresh start and this was it.

Over the next four years, we DIY-ed ourselves through a whole house renovation. It was the most healing time of our lives. It was good for our marriage, our finances, and for our hearts.

After Renovation First House Flip Holly Springs Raleigh Inspiring Investment Flipping Houses We Buy Houses Renovation Redemption


Soap Box Moment: Can I Just Say…

I can not help but be amazed at the irony behind how God worked in my life:

He gave a rebellious teenager a daughter

One marriage broke up but another began: new beginnings.

To a broken heart, he gave a broken house to fix.

… all so I can see and tell of the handiwork of God. There is a beautiful analogy to be made with renovations and God’s redemption. He pursues our hearts, takes the broken and makes it new: He wants to do a beautiful renovation within us.


Long Story Short 

Doors kept opening, allowing Uriah and I to continue buying houses that needed work: broken houses, if you will. Houses in need of change.

before after outdated cary colonial

Now we are flipping houses full time, working side by side as husband and wife.

Couple Headshot

The unlikely couple who seemed to be floundering is now thriving in the work the Lord put before us. And that’s what I write about at The Inspiring Investment. I tell the stories of the houses we flip and share our journey in REI, entrepreneurship, and all things home.

Writing our redemptive story and telling the narrative of houses that go from desolate to the whole, I have found purpose.


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