‘From Property Manager to Blogger Taking the Leap’ Guest Post by Brittney Lorraine

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Today’s Guest Post is by Brittney Lorraine from DivineIndependence. She is a 27-year old previous property manager turned blogger. She is focused on higher vibrations and daily motivations and meeting more positive souls on their life journeys! In this post she is telling you how she heard the voice of her inner self and took the big leap in her life! Read this this highly motivational post from Brittney which reiterates the importance of believing in yourself.

‘From Property Manager to Blogger Taking the Leap’ Guest Post by Brittney Lorraine

I have always heard that word throughout my life but never thought that it would be me at some point within my short 27 years of existence. Yet, there I was, sitting in my office, staring at a pile of numbers that I had to make sense of for the investors of an 850 unit apartment complex that I was running. How did I get here? I hate accounting, I hate numbers in general! I am a free-flowing thinker, some one that likes human interaction and does not like to be cooped up in an office all day having to answer for other actions or lack thereof.

As I ignored the never-ending ping of email notifications that came across my desktop, “Where is the PO for this shipment?”, “We have an issue with apartment 63 and the plumbing but no one has been there.”, “Don’t forget payroll is due tomorrow.” ETC. I almost felt like the notifications were screaming at me, when did my life become to feel like a burden? When did I become so scared to make any decisions because I was now responsible for more than 80 employees and 850 apartments of people?

I had felt all these emotions, and you know what I did? Absolutely nothing. I stayed comfortable in my misery of a life that my soul was not in harmony with. I forced myself to wake up every morning after hitting the snooze on my alarm clock 5 times more than I should have. I pushed myself to stay positive when my inner voice was telling me to leave. You know that quote where it states that the universe will make something so uncomfortable for you if it is not meant for you, it is up to you to change it.

That quote hit me like a ton of bricks, and I bruise easily. I may have had a little push from another person who wanted my job, and at the time I had thought that was unfair. That I had worked so hard to be at the top and how dare some one take that away from me! But guess what? I was not punished, I was FREED. That was not the life for me and it took the universe stepping in to make me realize that.

So now what? I had a $50,000 salary, a free townhouse, free cell phone, and free laptop. My salary went to 0.00, I had to move off property to an apartment I had to pay for, and I had to return all my equipment. Was it scary? Absolutely. But I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. It is a struggle getting my blog up and running and some days I feel it is taking longer than it should

I still stay positive about pushing forward and being real with all the people I share my writing with. I might make a lot less being my own boss right now, but I have a lot more time to focus on my dreams instead of building some one else’s. I used to be scared to make the jump into my soul path, but now I strive to help another jump themselves. When I let go of the fear and embrace all the wonderful possibilities of being able to creatively feed my soul, I find my happiness.

So now I spend my time learning more on crystal healing, positive vibes, daily motivation, and natural wellness. I love being able to help the people I meet making them more comfortable with their surroundings, the things happening in their lives, and themselves. Being able to help is something that my soul sings for and it is leaps and bounds over where I was not even 60 days ago.

It is important to remember happiness is not a person, place, or thing. It is inside of all of us and it is up to us to actively seek out control of our lives, so we can experience our own happiness. Do not become a passenger in your own life! Make the jump!


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Her Blog divineindependence.com

Instagram instagram.com/divine_independence

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Comments (19)

  • Uvhome 7 months ago Reply

    Really thanks for such useful information..

  • Malcome Evan 1 year ago Reply

    Wow, Thank you so much for sharing your experience really touched my reading this. A person is never to old to change things and do what they love to do. Do not become a passenger in your own life, its time you become the pilot!
    Malcome Evan recently posted…Episode 3: Dubai Hills EstateMy Profile

  • Brittney 2 years ago Reply

    Thank you all for such amazing comments ???

  • Em 2 years ago Reply

    Thank you Deeksha for sharing this and Britany for writing it ! You write beautifully! I am not worried about you for your new journey! Everything happens for a reason.

    Em @14daysof — http://www.zebrasuitcase.com

  • Dolphine Oyengo 2 years ago Reply

    Its good to take a leap of faith. I followed my passion and I am at a good place.

  • Amanda RIpsam 2 years ago Reply

    I too have been in that spot of having to having nothing we are finally on our feet and I am a stay at home mom I run my blog and I agree getting in that right mindset helps and makes all of the differences

  • Aryanne Padilha 2 years ago Reply

    That, my dear, is very inspiring. You are kicking ass (pardon my french). Good for you for taking action, I hope you get everything you wish for. xoxo

  • Sarah 2 years ago Reply

    I admire the courage, commitment, and drive it took you to leave your job! Best of luck to you!

  • Jenny 2 years ago Reply

    Good for you! Hope you continue to find the things in life that truly make you happy!

  • Mag 2 years ago Reply

    Glad you’re doing what appeals to you now!
    Mag recently posted…Book Review: Love and RuinMy Profile

  • Mag 2 years ago Reply

    Glad you’re pursuing what you’re interested in doing!

  • Phoebe 2 years ago Reply

    It’s good to know your purpose in life and love what you’re doing. When you are doing something that you can do without pay, that’s priceless.

  • Annemarie 2 years ago Reply

    I love the honesty of your piece and I totally agree. Sometimes being torn out of places we are stuck in might feel unfair but it can also be super freeing. It finally makes us question where we are and where we want to go.

  • Lexi 2 years ago Reply

    That’s awesome! I wish more people would just make the jump to follow their dreams.

  • Daima Hussain 2 years ago Reply

    Love the positive message, great post.

  • Phill Slater 2 years ago Reply

    This is such a great post. I’d like to make some similar changes to my life so this was certainly an inspiring read.

  • Girlpower 2 years ago Reply

    Thanks for sharing! Great post, it takes such courage to change your job like that. Hope it inspires others to do the same

  • LaToya 2 years ago Reply

    This so inspirational. It’s so funny how the universe will work sometimes. At first change may seem a little scary but in the end it is always worth it. Thanks for sharing!

  • Tracey 2 years ago Reply

    This is so inspirational for a new blogger like myself.

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