Girls You Don’t Need Any Fairness Cream To Shine Bright!

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Many times young girls are be fooled from a very early age that in order to get success, name and fame in life they need to look pretty. Fashion and cosmetic industry bloom on this very principle that girls ‘must’ look cute and fashionable like princesses. Girls are made to believe that their talents will go waste if they don’t focus on looking beautiful. No matter what field they choose to go in, in their lives their first priority should be looking fairer, taller and skinnier than they actually are. Boys on the other hand, are only asked to devote all their time and energy on pursuing their dreams and passion. This helps them in giving their hundred percent to whatever they are chasing in life. So, they get success and feel fulfilled in their lives.

Girls in many Asian countries are made to believe if they use fairness creams to lighten their complexion, they will get better jobs and better prospects in marriage. Such orthodox thinking hampers the all-round development of young girls. Instead of encouraging them to go out and play freely under the sun, parents advise them to protect their skin from sun-tan! If they have beautiful dusky skin, they are often told they won’t get a nice guy for marriage as guys prefer light skin girls. All bullshit! A dark skin girl who is talented can go far in her life than a light skin girl who only concentrates on looking good.

There are many examples of dark toned girls who are not just making their parents but even their country proud by their distinguishing achievements in different fields. Hima Das from India is one of those many young girls who instead of focusing on their outer looks worked hard on her sports namely running and made the country extremely proud by winning 5 Gold Medals in a month in July 2019.

  • Hima won 200m Gold in Poznan Athletics Grand Prix in Poland, on July 2, 2019.
  • She won 200m gold at the Kutno Athletics Meet, in Poland, on July 7, 2019.
  • On July 13, she won 200m gold at the Kladno Athletics Meet in the Czech Republic.
  • She grabbed the gold medal in the 200m race at the Tabor Athletics Meet, on July 17, 2019, in the Czech Republic.

On 20 July 2019, Hima Das bagged her fifth gold of July 2019 in 400-meter race in Nove Mesto, Czech Republic.

Hima Das/ facebook

All I want to say is make your girls believe in themselves, in their talents and potential to shine bright without using any fairness cream or cosmetics to make them look beautiful. Tell them they can make their destiny by their hard work and not by their looks. Close the chapter of the princess waiting for a prince to change her life and begin with the young girl taking the charge of her life in her hands and changing it the way she wants to!

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  • RAVI RANJAN KUMAR 4 years ago Reply

    I love the efforts you have put in this, regards for all the great posts.
    RAVI RANJAN KUMAR recently posted…Acharya Institute of Technology(AIT)My Profile

  • Wwwoooaaahhhh…now, that’s a real champion! I am so proud of you, Hima.
    Ntensibe Edgar Michael recently posted…FBIMy Profile

  • Amber 4 years ago Reply

    This is such a valid and relevant point. Thanks for shedding light on this societal problem, and I hope the next generation of girls focuses less on their looks and more on their inner talents.

  • Kasia 4 years ago Reply

    That’s so sad that it’s still happening even in this day and age. Just be your beautiful self I say. Don’t listen to what anyone tells. you.
    Kasia recently posted…Top Best Natural Deodorants That Really WorkMy Profile

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