Guest post by Veera Tarvainen on How She Fought with Crohn’s Disease!

Veera Tarvainen

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Today’s Guest Post is by Veera Tarvainen from She is a teen age girl of 15! But sadly the things she has been through in this short span of  time is beyond our imagination! In this post she has told the story of her own life on how she fought bravely with Crohn’s disease and knocked it down like a true winner! Resd this truly inspiring real life story of Veera to get motivated!

Hello! I am a fifteen-year-old (really soon 16-year-old) girl from Finland. My name is Veera Elisabeth Tarvainen and I write a lifestyle blog called Veera Elisabeth.

But the reason why I am writing here is that I have a sickness that will be with me my whole life. I have Crohn’s disease. It’s one of the IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease) sicknesses and it’s chronic.
The last year was the hardest year of my life and I hope it won’t change. I got diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, didn’t have friends on the largest time of the year, my grandpa died and my parents divorced. Oh and yes, I had a surgery.
I got the diagnosed on 20th January 2017, over a year ago. Then by April I had been in the hospital about three weeks, had been without eating almost six weeks (I had drunk food supplement drinks 7 to 10 a day), had had at least one MRI and had gone twice in an ambulance. And before my diagnose I have never been in the hospital like I remembered it by myself. When I was lil kid I’ve been there.
So I had that “diet” when I drink just those supplement drinks in March and in the beginning of April! After that I felt pretty good for over a month. In the end of June I started to have bad stomachaches again but it went too bad just in the July. I went to the hospital for a night and they started a cortisone cure for me. Also I had had a medicine called Remsima from the diagnose.
Veera Tarvainen
Then after a week I had to go to the hospital again and I was there eight days. It was weird trip because they took a cannula off of me after two? or three days and in the weekend they let me to go shopping to the city with my mom.
In August they had to change my medicine to Humira which was a medicine injected by myself. My school started also in August.
I was really often off from the school because my stomach hurted. In the beginning of September I had a control visit at my doctor and then I came home from the trip after over two weeks. Because guess what? I had a surgery.
My small intestine had a really tight spot at the end of it and nothing went through it so it had to be cut off. The presence of the tight spot had been known from the diagnose but it was tried to heal.
After the surgery I had a really nice couple months, I was healthy and I got some friends!! One of them was my old best friend who rejected me last December with my other old best friend because of that other friend. And I’m so happy that she is my friend again!!
At the end of December I started to have bad stomachache again. In January I then went to the hospital and was there one and a half week. It was really close that I’d have a surgery again because there was another tight spot in the same place, but they just changed my medicine again, called Stelara.
Veera Tarvainen
I somehow survived a few weeks at home. At the beginning of March 2018 I had a control visit at my doctor and yes, you guessed right. I had another surgery. This time I had to stay at the hospital almost three weeks because I got an infection and they had to infuse antibiotics three times a day to me. Also the second surgery was equally half a year later than the first one, the first one was 12th September 2017 and the second one was 12th March 2018.
Now I don’t have a flap between small and large intestine or appendix, but I don’t give a fuck about it, because now I’m healthier than in many years!! Next fall I’m hopefully going in to my dream high school and going to live on my own and now it seems that I’ll be healthy then!
I hope you enjoyed reading this and this gave you hope! If you are healthy, I give you one advice; eat as much and often as you can and whatever you want!! And if you are sick; you will be better! I know it is hard to believe but it is true!!
Stay in touch,
Veera <3
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Comments (5)

  • Elizabeth Auwarter 5 years ago Reply

    Inspiring story! I admire your perseverance and positive attitude!
    Elizabeth Auwarter recently posted…How to Keep Faith Through SufferingMy Profile

  • Alana Nicole 5 years ago Reply

    Thank you for telling your story Veera! Very inspiring! I hope you only get better from here!!

  • Ann Snook-Moreau 5 years ago Reply

    Wow, you’ve been through so much! You are such a warrior . . . hope you continue feeling healthy and happy!

  • Jaya 5 years ago Reply

    Dear veera u r truly a fighter…may God give you strength to face the challenges of life.. best wishes.

  • Jaya 5 years ago Reply

    Dear veera u r truly a fighter…hats off to the courage put through fighting this disease…may God give you strength to face the challenges of life.. best wishes.

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