Happy homemaker – not a myth! Nilshree Damani


A question I come across very frequently,  “What do you do? ” The only answer I have is,  “I am a happy homemaker and a proud mum!” And then I get to see a series of all weird expressions. 

I really fail to understand why being happy cannot be equated to being a homemaker! I know the feeling of being financially independent is something else. But, there are times,  when you make choices that may not be convincing to others. Different is not wrong, it’s just different. You being highly qualified and still choosing to do motherly duties upon taking  career break does not make you any less of a human or woman for that matter.

There are things you may only get to experience once. Seeing your baby grow,  spending time with them,  watching them achieve each milestone,  helping them whenever they need,  correcting them when they go wrong,  these are things you might not get to experience again. Career can be restarted if the will is there,  it’s little difficult, but not impossible for sure. I personally feel,  its very much important to be with kids in their initial growing years. Once the foundation is laid strong, the later layers would be fine only. 

If you are really are well to do family, I mean financially, then you may choose to stay at home. Its not a sacrifice that you do for your kid or family, but to lead a life that’s little less stressful and easy can also be a choice. Being a homemaker or stay at home  parent is not like being one of those typical women who used to be  a victim of being engrossed in daily chores and lived only for others,  forgetting their own choices and existence for that matter. You can draw your own boundaries of your availability for others in family, you can steal some ME time from your schedule. 

Also there are multiple flexible career options available,  where you may not require to work for long hours,  or travel to distant places. All of these only comes into picture,  when its your own choice to be a homemaker. I immensely respect all the working women. But through this article I only wish to throw light on the fact that your choice of being a homemaker does not have to be influenced from someone and homemkers can be happy too! 🙂  

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