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Financial management is one of the biggest concerns of every woman. All of us want to utilize our hard-earned money in the best possible way. But when it comes to saving and investing money, we often get confused. We all love to buy new dresses, shoes, bags, cosmetics and so on for ourselves whenever we are in a shopping mall and lose track of our financial management. Here’s a post by Huong Nguyen on how we all can manage our finances efficiently. Check it out, ladies!

Happy Money Happy You

Money is a crucial part of life. If anyone tells me they can be happy with less, I agree, but I guess they already know how to make “ less is more”, meaning at least know how to deal with personal financial management in order to be free of it.

Everyday money involved in our daily life. Most of us work for money to support ourselves, family, kids, and develop a life. Most people are struggling to live with how much they can make. Some of you may have heard about the word “financial freedom” but we also know that freedom is not free. We may work through life never get any freedom until retirement. Short of money lead to less happiness and troubles in the relationship. Financial Stress also harms your health and beauty. 

So how we women will deal with personal financial management in order to be happier in life? This article will not be about how to make more money; its approach will be how to manage your current money situation with the two key terms in personal financial management: ‘Less is more’ and “Happy Money”.

Less is more 

  • Think about your list things-to-buy. BUY WHAT YOU NEED, NOT WHAT YOU WANT. Be wise with the shopping habit. We, women, are easy to be allured by promotions, sales. ‘Oops, we have lots of sales stuff, oops this brand is going to have the best promotion ever…’ Then we go endlessly eager on this. This is good for short term excitement. However look at our wardrobe, how many have we used those? And do we really really really really (ask more “real” words before you shop anything) need to buy more? Did you ever think of mix and match your stuff so you will not get bored with what you are wearing? I used to be a shopping fan of the biggest mall here in Saigon where I live, I am there every week, buying new stuff all the time to end up with changing clothes every time as I feel I am old’ with the fashion. However, it does not make me real happiness at all when I have to deal with money issues on my other stuff that creates more money instead of taking money out of my pocket. It also does not lead me to a more beautiful lady. It is a hallucination that I feel more confident when I wear more gracefully, but the fact is when we are healthy and fit and exercise regularly; we wear everything beautifully. Clothes to make style. But when you have a beautiful size, you wear anything it looks great on you. The feeling of spending money on too many clothes that take chances of other investment opportunities when it comes and I feel painful. I understand that long term excitement is much more worthy than short term excitement. Long term excitement creates me more money but short term excited to do the converse one. Let’s focus more on making more money instead of spending more
  • Be clear and excise about your own money delegation. Everyone has her own life stuff to deal with money and prioritize the part of the money they make for whatever part they feel most important. The 6  jars easy money management (by T Harve Eker) is highly recommended as the most efficient and handful one:    

JAR 1: Necessity Jar (NEC – 55%) 

This jar serves to cover all of one’s basic expenses: food, water, electricity, rent, bills, etc. Basically this describes your necessities that you live by daily. This is the 1st important of the JARs system

JAR 2: Financial freedom Jar (FFA – 10%) 

This one is important but stands second only to NEC jar. Still, it is not lesser in importance but should be kept in mind all the time. The amount you fund in the FFA jar is placed on investments with high returns and side-income or businesses that have a steady profit. 

JAR 3: Education Jar (EDU – 10%)

Anything that is worth our time to learn belongs to the EDU Jar. It can be books and events, conferences that educate your mind. My suggestion for you is investing in Health like physical education and second must:  Financial and Investment; and last but not least: Mindset course. There are millions of courses in those categories either online or offline. PM me if you need some further suggestions on this. 

JAR 4: Long-term saving for spending Jar (LTSS – 10%)

If at some point in life you tell yourself that you wanted to buy a house or real estate or travel abroad, then this jar is specifically made for that. The LTSS Jar is used for planned events in the future that you wish to enjoy, but unlike the PLAY Jar (which I will explain next), this jar has a long-term time-frame. 

JAR 5: Play Jar (PLAY – 10%)

Money in the PLAY Jar is money used for short-term experiences. Say you want to go watch a movie, or you want to buy a fancy watch, a fabulous party dress, cafe time in 5-star hotel… it is to your heart’s desire, then spend it from here. But caution, spend wisely and moderately. 

JAR 6: Charity Jar also called Give Jar (CHARITY – 5%)

The charity jar’s sole purpose is to give to the less fortunate. There are various institutions out there that give out to the needy, we also include our understanding here the environment and animal welfare. Also, organizations and other institutions that serve a greater cause for society and the world at large are covered by the CHARITY Jar. This is small but important; remember Karma, you will find it through doing this to the unknown, happiness and luck come back to you in a very unexpected way. Try it seriously no matter what your situation is now and you will feel how amazing it is to give.

Happy Money 

  • Learn to appreciate any amount of money that comes.

We tend to think that until we have big amount; we will treat money right and celebrate.  This is not true. Every single penny accumulates a fortune. The attitude towards money is more important than how much you have. So treat money with appreciation when it comes, when you treat it right, it will come to you. This can also be explained by the law of “yes and more”. When you appreciate anything and be thankful for what you have had, your unconscious mind will record it and replay it to you in reality. I love small money so that big money love me. 

  • Sending happy energy to money in the wallet 

Every time when you see money in your wallet, pray for it, sending the happiness to it as if it is your friend. And the fact is yes, it is. Anytime when you buy things, take money out, with happiness, don’t blame it on you for withdrawing, make sure you think twice or more before buying but once you buy, buy with happiness. When you put money in, be happy; sending energy as I love you, thank you for being here! Be friends with money, or even more; be money’s lover. 

  • Make money while growing a happy you 

This sounds strange but it is crucial for you to calm down and be wise about what is the real key in making money. Money does not come for no reason, but a lot of hard work, and more: smart work. The smartest and most sustainable way to grow money is to grow yourself so that your value is higher and your income will grow. This is not a one day step; it takes effort & work but remembers there is nothing as free as such a meal. You need to work on yourself with a great attitude. Remember to be 100% at work when you are at work, and be happy always with challenges. Be humble, be kind, be giving, be non-stop learner. I never sleep at lunchtime when I work for corporate. Instead, I read books and learn on Youtube about money. Take advantage of any spare time to invest in money education. 

  • If you can not control your emotions, you can not control the money

Be Happy with money but do not be emotional when you control the money. It will destroy your habit. Control your emotions on unnecessary things. Learn it before you have a chance to go on any investment. Make it a habit to think of money before making any purchase from small things then later on when you go into investment with a larger amount you know how to deal with it. Every penny counts, every time learning to control your emotions count. Remember big things start with the very small first. Ladies, do not be subjective. It is not easy for us but we can do it: think like a man, act like a lady. 

  • Freedom is not free. But is super happy

When you can be happy about money management, know how to control your emotions; it is now time for investing. Welcome to the world of rich people!. Once your FFA increase I suggest you spend money on a different channel to generate passive income such as; stock market, business, property… and so on. Find and investigate in a channel that you feel most confident with. You must have knowledge on it, do not gambling when you want to play a safe and real success. Play big is good, but in order to play big, you need to know how to make more money so that when you want to play big even if you lose you can still play small again. Don’t think of leaping in making money; think of steady grow so that you handle your life well; and yes I wish you become financial freedom one day. If you follow what I wrote; we will meet each other in a life of financial freedom. Totally a great life! Not easy but I have just simplified! Write me an email if you need a personal financial Coach: [email protected]!  I bet your life change! See you!

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  • Johndeoresearch 2 years ago Reply

    Who says money can’t make you happy? A person who says that is not telling the truth. How are you going to feed your children if you can’t buy food? Therefore, money can be the source of your happiness.
    Johndeoresearch recently posted…Best way to tell if a stock is oversoldMy Profile

  • Deborah Kos 2 years ago Reply

    I like the idea of less is more. I also think that the jar ideas are a very good area to budget wisely. Thanks for the great tips for being financially sound.

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