Heart Breaking Story of Megan Moss Johnson Who Saved 50 Lives After Her Death

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Megan Moss Johnson has become a famous name after she gave life to 50 people. Unfortunately, she saved these lives after losing her own. Megan was a heart patient who herself got a new life after a donor donated her his heart. She felt extremely grateful to the donor and decided to become an organ donor herself. Megan Moss had a beautiful life. She was blessed with a loving husband Nathan Johnson and had a normal pregnancy. The day she delivered her first baby Eilee Kate, her husband and Megan both were very happy. But their happiness was short lived. Just eight hours after she successfully delivered her baby girl, Megan died of a cardiac arrest.

“Nathan is devastated,” Megan and Nathan’s common friend Wilson wrote on a public funding page that he set up for the family. “There are no words for this, so I won’t really say much more. Here is what I know. Nathan is a wonderful man and an amazing father. He loves his daughter dearly. “

People donated money generously for Nathan Johnson, and his daughter Eilee. He received 10 times more than the set limit of $40,000.
“She loved people, loved her husband so much. She also had a great faith in Jesus,” Wilson told CNN about Megan. “The sadness and the grief are very real, but we still feel that there is hope.”
When Megan Moss was just 15, she contracted a virus that led to myocarditis, a potentially fatal heart disease marked by inflammation of the heart. Megan needed a heart transplant by the age of 23 because of later complications, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

“I never thought about being an organ donor until I needed one,” “It can save lives. It saved mine. It’s the gift of life.” Megan Moss Johnson

Megan documented her journey on her blog and in a book about her named “Megan’s Heart.” After her successful heart transplant, she married Nathan and moved to Nashville.
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Megan Moss Johnson Became a Mother

Their happiness knew no bounds when Megan and Nathan Johnsons became first-time parents.

“They were so excited after (their daughter) was born that they couldn’t really sleep,”  “They were giddy.”  Their close friend Wilson told CNN. Megan’s husband Nathan Johnson happily posted a beautiful picture of their small family on Instagram.

“Happy Birthday Eilee Kate Johnson,” Nathan posted. “Megan was/is a professional and feels great. Her heart worked perfectly the whole time and Eilee introduced herself quickly and smooth. I am a rich man!!!” However, eight hours later, Megan experienced some complications. Soon, Megan Moss Johnson left her beloved husband and newborn daughter alone forever.

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Megan had always supported organ donation as she herself survived after a heart transplant. So, as her last wish she wanted to donate her organs to save more lives. Her organs would actually save over 50 lives. She changed the lives of a lot of people because of organ donation.

After hearing Megan’s story fellow Christian music artists of Nathan Johnson expressed their support for him. Nathan releases instrumental music under the name Meaning Machine. He has also played guitar for famous Christian artists like Grammy winner Francesca Battistelli and Mat Kearney. Megan’s husband Nathan is a talented, compassionate, cheerful, and industrious man who is trying to be both a mother and an excellent father to the little girl.
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  • Eric Gamble 4 years ago Reply

    Wow, what a truly tragic yet beautiful story. To think in a matter of minutes, even in the most perfect of moments like the birth of a child, your life can just suddenly change. I truly pray for Megan, her husband, and beautiful daughter. However, though this is somewhat sad and tragic, the fact that she lovingly offered her organs post death to help 50 some odd people is mind blowing and beautiful. I would never wish this on anyone however, I love how the story ended with Megan’s gift to others.
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  • Jay 4 years ago Reply

    Some ppl are born with very strange destiny…this is one among them. May God bless her daughter n hubby.

  • Deborah Kos 4 years ago Reply

    Megan was way too young when she died. I can’t imagine being diagnosed with myocarditis at age 15! I love how she shared her journey about her heart transplant etc. on her blog and in a book called “Megan’s Heart. She is so heroic by becoming an organ donor. Who knew she would end up saving 50 lives!

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