Heather Monahan: The Boss in Heels who teaches How to Slay it with Self-Confidence!

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Heather Monahan is a world-renowned Confidence creator, a motivational speaker, an author, a lady boss she represents women who dare to realize their sky-high dreams! A woman who believes in helping and uplifting others by sharing her own experiences and journey of life, she is the one whom you need to know about if you are feeling low in life. So, here is more about this super-woman who changes people’s view of themselves.

Heather Monahan grew up in a humble family in Massachusetts. She graduated from Clark University and started her career in sales. She soon got promoted to a top salesperson and Brand Manager in the first year in corporate America. But unfortunately, she got harassed at her workplace. So she left the wine business and started working for Wilks Broadcasting as a salesperson on the radio. After a year Heather Monahan was offered an equity partnership but with this, she had to move to Michigan.

Heather left behind her family and friends with a heavy heart and moved all alone to the Midwest to sell the Saginaw properties for a gain. Within three years in Saginaw, she increased the group’s value considerably. It resulted in a highly successful sale of the properties with profits being more than double! They purchased the properties in 27M and sold them in 55M! After tasting this sweet success Heather moved to Naples, Florida and began working for Beasley Broadcasting as a Director of Sales.

After one year of substantial revenue results, she pitched herself for a position that didn’t previously exist and was awarded the VP of Sales title for the company. Over the next few years, she pitched herself for and was awarded the newly created EVP Sales position and ultimately the Chief Revenue Officer title.

Now, Heather launched her own personal brand with a view to empower women. She wanted to give them the insight and tips she wished she had when she was a young professional. Heather was the Keynote speaker at the Corinium CRO conference and held the main stage at the LOAC in NYC. She was recognized as a Glass Ceiling Award winner and as one of the Most Influential Women in radio in 2017.

After being terminated from her job suddenly, Heather had to make a choice to either go back to her comfort zone and apply in some other job or take a leap of faith and chase her dream to uplift others. Heather obviously chose to make her company Boss In Heels her full-time job. Heather was soon featured on the Elvis Duran show. She also wrote her first book Confidence Creator and was named the Brand Ambassador for Perry Ellis International’s female brand Rafaella. Heather and her son Dylan live in Miami, Florida.

The road to success has not been a smooth one for Heather. Her struggles included being sexually harassed at work, being bullied by another lady and many more. Her personal struggles were holding her back because she lacked confidence. The best advice Heather offers women is to focus on building confidence and putting themselves first. Exclude negative people from your life and surround yourself with positive people who can help you grow is the beginning of developing your self-confidence. We should be careful of the words we use about ourselves and choose powerful positive words that we want others to use when they describe us will actually help the way others perceive us. In Heather’s view, not saying ‘I am sorry’ and ‘I feel’ too often will help us a lot in gaining control of our lives. We should learn to face our fears and get out of our comfort zone to see a new growth phase in life. We can also keep a journal as Heather suggests us it has been a fantastic way for her to see her own strengths and identify her superpower, She recommends it to everyone! She has countless tips and stories in her new book, Confidence Creator that will help anyone build their Confidence muscle.

Heather Monahan is currently focusing on the launch of her new book Confidence Creator and it consumes most of her time. As a first time author, she finds herself as a beginner again at age 43, which she takes as a challenge. Learning how to create her own publishing company has been another mountain she is climbing. After a successful career in corporate America, she took the biggest leap of her life when she started her own company Boss In Heels. In her previous career, she was known for leading sales teams and developing corporate strategy, now, she takes all of the experience she has obtained and she shared it in order to elevate others. Heather has a very unique background in achieving success in sales and in business and she shares that knowledge along with her own personal stories to ensure others see how they too can get ahead. She is most proud of her new book Confidence Creator and the fact that she wrote it in 4 months and was able to publish it on her own in 5 months. She has been taking risks. She is different than others because she is transparent. Heather Monahan is committed to keeping it real in a world that is full of filters and fake images which isn’t always easy.

Heather believes ‘every woman has her own strengths and superpower and the key is identifying what yours is and finding a way to spend your time there. Because of the strong women that have come before us, there is finally a tide turning and shining a light on pay inequality, sexual harassment, and bullying. It is up to each one of us to continue to find our voices and shine our lights so that others after us will have it even better. She believes that right now is the time for women to own their superpowers and take chances of chasing their dreams, there hasn’t been a better time.’

Heather Monahan has proved once again that nothing can stop a person who is ready to take risks and follow his/her heart come what maybe! Follow her example if one day you want people to give your example!

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  • A 3 years ago Reply

    Very inspiring post

  • Jennifer Maune 3 years ago Reply

    I loved reading Heather’s story! Being a confidence creator is a wonderful, powerful job – all women could benefit from her!


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