Here’s What It Take To Be A Girl Boss Guest Post by Dee Jaye

Dee Jaye

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Today’s guest post is by  Dee Jaye from mydeedeesdiary.comDee is a millennial woman who enjoys helping her millennial sisters embrace their awesomeness + become the freakin’ supernovas they were always meant to be by sharing advice, personal development tips, everything career, relationship + so much more. On her blog you can expect to discover who you are and learn what it takes to be successful and happy, navigate relationships + dating, get help managing personal finances and solve money problems, get helpful life hacks to help you grow as a strong, millennial woman. So read her this super inspiring post on what it takes to be a Girl Boss!

I’ve been hearing the term “girl boss” so often the past few months that I’ve slowly began incorporating it into m vocabulary.  But what does it mean to be a girl boss? And who is a girl boss? Does that apply to any and every woman? No it doesn’t. A girl boss is a woman who gets everything she goes after because she works for it. In this post I’m gonna give you, straight from the mouth of a few girl bosses I know, what it takes to be a girl boss.


Here’s What It Take To Be A Girl Boss Guest Post by Dee Jaye

I love the saying “if it’s both terrifying and amazing, then you should pursue it.” The fact is to be a girl boss then you need to be fearless.

You need to understand that the path ahead of you is full of unknowns and exciting adventures and you are just the girl to take them on.

I’ve learned alot in my short time as a blogger and it’s that I should never be afraid to fail. I should also never be afraid to dream big.

Throughout your journey you will make mistakes and you will fail, and that’s great! Don’t make those fears stand in your way. Let them push you to be better and to think more creatively.



Every single girl boss, femtrepreneur or powerful woman I know swear by their routines.

Whether it’s a morning routine or a daily routine, they all have a list of activities or tasks that they do every day at the same time each day and it works.

When you build a routine you teach yourself discipline and allow yourself to grow on a personal and professional level.

Every morning I wake up a 6AM, do my devotions, and pray. I also take the time to run through the goals I need to accomplish for that day.

I start my day the same way. This helps me to go throughout my day with intention and focus. I know what I need to get done and I do it.


Here’s What It Take To Be A Girl Boss Guest Post by Dee Jaye

Every girl boss I know has this kick-butt, independent air of confidence about them and I love it! They believe in themselves so much it’s a bit awe-inspiring.

If you really want to be a girl boss then you have to learn how to believe in yourself. The one thing that they all share is the understanding that if they don’t believe in themselves no-one else will.

You need to believe in your dreams so hard that if anyone comes at you with doubt you can easily shake them off. Their flawed opinions aren’t fact and they don’t matter.

When the chips are done, and you feel like no-one else is in your corner, your belief in yourself will pull you through.


Here’s What It Take To Be A Girl Boss Guest Post by Dee Jaye

I saw a fantastic webinar from a fellow blogger and one thing she said truly stood out. She said that if you want others to invest in you then you need to invest in yourself.

You need to know your worth and make a conscious decision to keep learning and growing until you’ve become the best version of yourself.

She is right. If you want to have your own business one day then you need to learn the right skills and have the right information to succeed.

Investing in yourself can be as simple as reading a book on a new topic each day, buying an online course and learning at your own pace or learning something new on Youtube.

In whatever way you can, strive to become the kind of woman that makes other women want to up their game.



I think it goes without saying this, but to ultimately become a girl boss you need to work hard. You need to be consistent and put in the sweat it takes to be successful.

If you want everyone else to take you seriously then you need to take yourself seriously first. You need to build on of a firm foundation and things won’t just fall into your lap.

It takes time to build a follow and it takes time to make an idea a reality. So you need to take charge, dream big and make it happen!

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