How I Became A Boss Lady! Guest Post By Moni Lane

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There are many of us who dream of starting our own business one day and be a Boss Babe! I met one such hard working and dreamer lady named Moni Lane on Facebook who has built her empire on her own. She inspires many others like her to believe in their dreams and live a life they want to. Today’s guest by Moni Lane- a businesswoman nurturing Lady Boss Culture for aspiring and established female business owners. You can join her lady boss community and get featured on her platform.

How I Became A Boss Lady!

Starting a business is hard, lonely, challenging and a number of other unwavering emotions that you never knew you would encounter. 6 years ago I set out to start a business with my best friend now fiance and jumped in head first. What was I thinking? Who puts themselves in a constant state of stress and worry. I also believe I suffered a bit of a mental breakdown, but I pulled myself out of the storm and found that I am stronger than I gave myself credit for. Here’s a short journal entry I wrote June of 2016 when times were really tough and I was just coming out of working a regular job that paid me every two weeks.

I was in a state of shock when I had to adjust to living project to project not knowing where my next paycheck was coming from or how I was even going to make it happen. Needless to say, things changed because I changed. I had enough and like I state the world doesn’t owe me anything, I am in control and I make life my reality. My reason for sharing this journal entry is to let women know they are not alone. They are not crazy for having conflicting thoughts about a personal life versus a business life. Business ownership is tricky and it takes a lot of will and tenacity to stick with it. It is my hope to inspire an aspiring or established women business owner to keep going and don’t give up. And please reach out to your family members when things get heavy, don’t feel too proud to share what you are experiencing be it good or bad. Keep going Lady Boss, you got this. Journal Entry 6/2016: My life hasn’t always been perfect. I think I’ve been trying to make it that way; that’s why I’m always upset and sad. But isn’t that life? It ebbs and flows, the world doesn’t owe me or anyone anything.

We experience life and it is great and I have to try to remember that my reality is made by me and only me. I am the creator of what happens in my life. I am in control and life is good, Life is great, I am Great. I have to keep telling myself that. Remember this day Monique, you are OK. There is no money in the bank, our fridge is empty and the car is acting up. I’ve got about 2 months of bills sitting on my desk, but I am keeping positive. What’s the problem? Nothing is the problem, because this will pass nothing is certain with these circumstances. Where has the time gone? Slowly I am getting wiser, but I am still sitting here starving. My dreams are all I have now to become more. Every day I say to myself. Be more, love more, do more, become more and I feel myself growing to the being that lays deep within my soul. I am scared, anxious and excited. Passion keeps me focused and thriving. I really am a sensitive being and taking all this on truly pushed me to my limit. We have some really big opportunities coming our way, but on the other hand, we are just trying to hang in there.

Meditation and affirmations have been helpful. My higher warrior spirit Adoxci has been my strength, keeping me strong and helping me navigate through these stages of learning. Learning to be patient, learning to use my voice, learning to trust my decisions, learning to be strong. There’s still something inside of me that needs tending though a void I can’t explain. Maybe I am making it more than it needs to be. I just want to be happy and I don’t know if this is the way for me. I feel that I am constantly in conflict with myself. One minute I am riding high and the next I am in a dark depressed state. How do successful people do it? They make it look so easy. Do they remind themselves of their truth? Do they tap into grace? Do they feel their strength as a gift? Is that how they stay on top? Please, dear lord, continue to remind me of who I am and what I have to offer this world. This crazy beautiful world that I will figure out and conquer.

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  • Van Cast 8 months ago Reply

    Awesome story, so inspiring 🙂 Thank you for sharing
    Van Cast recently posted…BEST TIPS TO OVERCOME IMPOSTOR SYNDROMEMy Profile

  • Melissa 8 months ago Reply

    I love this! It resonated so much with me. I left my career of 20 years to start a business and my blog. I feel exactly the same way. There are highs and lows. But, we’re still standing! Keep going! Thanks for the great read! Melissa

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