‘How I became From A SCRATCH to A STAR’ Suchismita Ghoshal

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Yesterday when I opened my mailbox I was pleasantly surprised on receiving a mail from a person I have never met but who wants to contribute in my mission of spreading inspiring stories of women around the world. My aim in doing so is to make women feel that they are not alone in their fight. There are many others like them who survived the toughest times of their lives like heroes. And so they can do it too. With the same purpose in mind to make others like herself feel they can change their destiny as she did, Suchismita Ghoshal shared her story with me. She has addressed her life’s story to motivate the distressed people out there who think they will always be stagnant on the point of failure. Read her story in her own words.

How I became From A Scratch to A Star!

Hailing from a small city, Malda in West Bengal, I always dream high to touch the sky keeping my feet to the ground. I’ve always been a curious soul from childhood and used to observe things intensely. I used to feel a great connection with nature. I consider myself a philanthropist by heart, a nature lover, a die-hard believer of humanity, and an avid follower of supreme soul. Being god-gifted with such qualities, I also thank God for giving me the boon of being an avid reader, writer, poet, scribbler, essayist, book reviewer storyteller and a published author.  I’ve been in this literary field for 4 years and love to write poetry, short stories, articles, and anything inspires me. I enhance her writing skills by feeling each and every incident through my heart.

Here comes my real journey of being the version of who I am today. Just like the others, I too didn’t have a smooth past. From witnessing my father’s deteriorating health and getting completely disconnected from his own business to my mother’s single-handedly taking the responsibilities of my family, I grew up as a mature minded woman. Then comes the complications made by my own relatives who had never stopped bad-mouthing about my parents and tried to witness the ecstasy of clashing between these two. I, being a toddler was scared of how my parents fight for the misconceptions forcefully grown by neighbors, outsiders, and very own ‘relatives’. Domestic violence was in its peak and people laughed behind our back taking the advantage of seeing us completely shattered. Nights spent like horror series and rolls of sobs never stopped. At the age of playing with dolls, I used to think, act, and talk mature and turned as the helping hand of my mother. Her tears used to make me both vulnerable and determined to achieve a goal since childhood. I used to excel in my studies as every exam I’d appeared, my mother’s helpless face and my father’s health declination haunted me more. There was a time when I was in high school and faced a series of bullies, torments for having acne on my face, and so on.

I won’t say everyone was bad as I got a few amazing friends who supported me throughout. In my adolescents, back-stabbing, betrayal, and trust issues in relationships had made my life a living hell. Still, I stood strong, made myself flexible, and proceeded further with the thoughts of rectification of my own mistakes. But life had more in stock for me to totally destroy my soul. The previous year, this strong woman felt totally shattered suffering in depression, as if life had touched a gun over my head and I remained separated from my peers, absolutely desolate when writing healed me slowly as a light of hope.

I feel really ashamed that being reckless, I tried to attempt suicide for 3-4 times and only stopped remembering the face of my parents. I felt right clutching the fingers of literature, now I love spending my time drowning in words and verses. I won’t give all the credit to myself for returning back to the mainstream, my parents & the one in whom I found my love and who is a gemstone of himself, had poured their cent percent effort to help me recover by 90%. Instead of getting frustrated and mentally broken, I take life easy now and handle hurdles as daily challenges,  whenever I feel low, take a deep breath, close my eyes and portray my feelings through the canvas of my scribblings. Meditation has also done an amazing job. Simplicity is the thing I prefer the most. And, most importantly I want to create several drives and awareness programs on depression, anxiety, PTSD, and such problematic mental health issues.

Social work for me is something that comes out more from being socially concerned and kinder than portraying like a temporary show-off mannequin with the selfie-sticks. Recently coming back after a fight with depression, I decided to join an NGO named “Prayas Welfare Society”, operated by a group of young workers who made it possible to register the community under Govt. of West Bengal after successfully emerging with 3 more branches of it. I grabbed the prestigious Karmaveer Chakra Award 2019 (instituted by iCONGO and sponsored by the United Nations) for my social contribution.

All over my social and literary journey have been enchanting until now. I never stopped writing and started finding writing contests to participate. Winning some of them and flushed with good feedbacks, encouraged me a lot. ‘Mirakee’, the writing platform was a turn over the point of my life and I didn’t need to look back after finding some great inspirations in the literature field there. I have been a published co-author of more than 140 anthology books, journals, and magazines till now, most of them are in the process of publication. Being a regular columnist for ThePostIndia, Obama by Girltable Community, Digital E-News, SheWillSpeakSeries blog, I have achieved a vast knowledge about blogging and article writing. Moreover, My own debut poetry book ” Fields of Sonnet” has bagged 4 awards including TSM Popular Author Award 2020, Aaghaaz Author Award 2020, NE8X Online Literary Awards 2020, Author Pages Best Women Writer Award 2020 and many more. I keep a vision to flourish the society through the majesty of my words.

Meet Suchismita Ghoshal

Co-authoring for more than 140 anthologies, journals & magazines, both from national and international arenas, Suchismita Ghoshal from Malda, West Bengal dreams high to achieve the heights keeping her feet to the ground. Being a science graduate, currently majoring in Political Science and pursuing a diploma in Media Science and Mass Communication, she also works as a social activist for a Govt. Registered NGO “Prayas Welfare Society”. A poet, professional writer, scribbler, professional book critic, storyteller, columnist, copy-editor at NotionPress Publishing, content writer, creative writing professional, nature lover and a change agent & a position holder as Worldwide Ambassadors’ Coordinator for Global Youth Leaders Network, Suchismita also aims to heal people with the majesty of her words. She is an environmental activist too who recently brought reality to her dream as her debut book named “Fields of Sonnet ”

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