‘How I Discovered and Clearer The Blockage in My Life’ Guest Post By Rachel

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Many times wonderful things happen in our life just by our willingness to change our destiny. After a woman gets married and has kids, her priorities change. She wants to give more of her time and attention to her family than her work. The same thing happened with Rachel who found an amazing solution to this problem of striking a balance between her work and family. She started a wedding poetry blog which is helping her earn money while taking care of her young daughter. Read her inspiring story here!

Rachel’s Story

I’m Rachel, a 28-year-old business owner and mum to baby girl Willow. Less than a month ago, I had a realization in my life and I’d love to share my story with you. It may resonate strongly with many people, so I urge you to use my story to discover your life blockages and clear them for good.

On a rainy Sunday afternoon, my fiancé and I began searching for wedding poems for our upcoming ceremony in May 2020. We scrolled through endless readings on Google and other wedding platforms; we just couldn’t find anything that was meaningful to us.

I watched my baby daughter smiling and cooing in her chair and she inspired me to do something quite innovative. I wrote a poem all about her with the view of reading it aloud during our wedding. This made me realize that this is what I wanted to do, forever.

About My Business

Willow soon became a huge inspiration for my business Veil and Verse, a bespoke poetry writing service for weddings and other special occasions. Having my daughter, who is now 4 months old, made me realize that I no longer want to conform to the norms that society expects of me. I don’t want to cram myself onto a jam-packed train at 7 am every single morning; I don’t want to be told when my holidays are or what time I can finish work. I want to be my own boss. I want to be a working mother who can provide for my baby and pursue my dreams at the same time.

Clearing My Blockage

I have found yoga and meditation a huge helping hand when it comes to clearing the blockage in my life. The thought of going back to my 9-5 job after my maternity leave made me feel anxious every single morning when I woke up. 

I recently attended an inspirational and eye-opening yoga workshop which helped me to understand my blockage and prioritize the most important things in my life. Ultimately my family is more important to me than a substantial income. I’d rather be doing something I’m hugely passionate about than earning a whole load of money. I’m not saying I won’t be returning to my old job. I am simply saying that I have realized I won’t be there forever and I am quite content with that.

My blockage in life was my career. It made me feel uninspired, worried and anxious. Now I feel like a whole new woman who has taken charge of what she wants.

What’s your blockage in life? Your career, friendships, finances, health, relationships, family or something else could be holding you back from being truly content. If you can pinpoint it, you will be able to find a solution to clear it, just like I did!

The Positives

My business, Veil, and Verse is my second baby in life. I am so passionate about working closely with my clients and delivering a personalized poem that is truly special to them. In a way, I’m glad that I went through the worries of going back to work. It allowed me to take a leap of faith and pursue writing wedding poetry full time.

If you have any questions about my bespoke poetry writing services please drop me an email on [email protected] You can also follow me on Instagram @VeilandVerse for daily inspirational rhymes and updates on our services.

Discover your life blockage today and use the New Year to find your new path. You’ve got this ladies!

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  • Shreya 3 years ago Reply

    Really Impressive. Work and Life balance is very tough and you have done it. Yoga and meditation gives the control of mind and thinking.

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