‘How I Learned to Love Myself and Found My Passion’ Guest Post by Gosia

‘How I Learned to Love Myself and Found My Passion’ Guest Post by Gosia

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‘How I Learned to Love Myself and Found My Passion’ Guest Post by Gosia

Today’s Guest Post is by Gosia Brynczak. Gosia is an Entrepreneur developing purpose-driven businesses that people fall in love with. Currently building a natural beauty brand – NÜNU BEAUTY and working as a mindset and business coach, helping others find their passion and build a successful business around it. There’s truly nothing better than the freedom that comes from doing what you love, on your own terms. Read how she found her passion and realized the value of self-love in her life!

How I learned to love myself and found my passion

I’m not even sure when it started but it’s safe to say I’ve never felt good in my own skin. I had extremely low self-esteem and didn’t think I was worthy of any attention or success. It didn’t help that people generally described my character as “not easy”. I was outspoken, opinionated and relatively assertive and those are not great traits when you’re a young girl that comes from a quite conservative, Christian country.


After graduating with MA degree in Psychology, I did what most young adults do when they have no idea how to turn passion into a job. I started working in marketing and advertising as this seemed like a good career to have and it was fun. Not long after, I started working 14 hour days and went through some mobbing at the office. It wasn’t fun anymore. I moved from one agency to another, trying to find a good fit but it seemed my assertiveness and opinions weren’t welcome anywhere. It got to the point where I started questioning myself and blamed myself for all that’s been happening. I became a serial complainer. And guess what… when you complain all the time, the universe doesn’t shower you with amazing outcomes, quite the opposite. This lasted for quite a few years until I’ve decided I can’t live like this anymore.

‘How I Learned to Love Myself and Found My Passion’ Guest Post by Gosia

I bought a one-way ticket to Shanghai. I’ve studied in China before so it wasn’t my first experience with the culture, I actually loved it and thought Shanghai is a great place for rediscovery. I was right. It took about 2 years of ups and downs but I came out of that experience so much stronger, appreciative and surrounded by some of the best people I know. Even though I’ve made it really far, it wasn’t the end of my journey to self-love and acceptance. After coming back home I suffered through a massive heartbreak and my self-esteem was at an all-time low. Back to square one. After a few months of beating myself up, I’ve had enough. I was either gonna do something about it or I might as well give up altogether. I chose to fight for myself.


I’ve started a coaching program that was focusing on mindset and body-image. I had to work on the foundation, before building myself up. After a couple of months, the results started to show. I became so confident and in love with my body that I felt like a true Goddess. The journey continued and I kept investing in my self-development because I knew the energy you put out comes back to you tenfold. I kept working with coaches while developing my own natural beauty brand, I was always passionate about makeup and I knew I could create an amazing passion-driven business that women all over the world will love. I was right. The natural, vegan-friendly makeup products and accessories are so appreciated by my Clients, I honestly couldn’t be more proud of what the brand represents and how it keeps growing.

‘How I Learned to Love Myself and Found My Passion’ Guest Post by Gosia

The next thing that happened was quite unexpected. While working on my personal growth and my beauty brand an opportunity presented itself to help others with their struggle to shift the mindset and find that purpose and passion in their career. I’ve always enjoyed teaching, coaching and helping people around me and now I could actually turn it into a profession. It was honestly the best outcome I could’ve imagined. This is when Grit Academy was founded, space where I share valuable insights, tools, and techniques with likeminded entrepreneurs, looking to take their mindset and business to the next level. I feel so blessed to be able to help people who are where I’ve been making that change and do it much faster with my guidance.

Was it all a walk in the park? Not really. Was it worth it? Absolutely! I wouldn’t change a second of it. I will be forever grateful for the journey as it made me into the amazing, resilient woman I am today and I truly hope every single one of you has or will soon be able to say the same, with love and conviction!

‘How I Learned to Love Myself and Found My Passion’ Guest Post by Gosia

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  • Eze Azubike 3 years ago Reply

    The elements of your personal journey are informative and educative. The journey to self-Love and self-acceptance is a very important one for all of us because the conviction in our Wholeness rises in its wake.

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