‘How My Mother Showed Me My Purpose’ Guest Post By Nirali Kachalia

Nirali kachalia

The most beautiful bond created by God is of a mom and her child. The love and dedication of a mom for kids are unparalleled. We owe all what we have and what we are from our moms. So, on this Mother’s Day, we have a Special Guest Post from Nirali Kachalia- a famous tarot card reader who has dedicated this post and all that she has in her life to her mom! She has also written a short beautiful poem for her mom and mom-in-law! Check out her post now!

How My Mother Showed Me My Purpose

My mother has been a tarot card reader for over 20 years now. I vaguely remember her helping a lady who was crying and was definitely asking for some guidance from my mom and I thought to myself – is my mom an angel on this planet? Why do people keep asking her for help? Of course, I was 11 years old and still believed fairytale existed.

At 18, I knew the meanings of the cards and at that time I wanted to use them to make connections and friends.. and that’s how I started reading cards for people outside my family… I saw the changes. I noticed people opening up to me about their feelings and how positive they would feel after listening to my voice and the guidance from the cards… I felt at peace- I didn’t make friends but I knew somewhere tarot is now a part of me too. I will always remember my beautiful mom with tarot cards and my thoughts that’s the part of tarot to me.

At 21, I was practicing tarot part-time and named my brand as Avaviya Reading and doing a full-time marketing job. I loved everything about my job and I loved my boss. But there was always something in me that wanted to do more – I didn’t know what but more? I made an impulse decision and quit my job – that month I lost my house, lover and job… the exact moment of me realizing the importance of cards because I knew they can’t quit me or I can’t quit them.

I made the decision in my depression of helping other depressed beings through my cards and I received positive feedbacks ALL THE TIME but never believed my capabilities. I knew this is it – I am meant to help people via my cards and teach them how to self-empower themselves using techniques of modern positivity and loving yourself mantra.

I am 24 now I realize if not for my mother – I would have never felt fulfilled and never would have impacted the lives that I have and never would have given birth to more readers of not it wasn’t for her.

I love you Mom for giving me the life on this planet with my purpose here.

I love you Mother-in-law for giving birth to such a humble, kind and beautiful man. I am looking forward to spending my life with you and love you like a doll and the way you deserve.

Poem For My Moms On Mother’s Day

Here’s a poem to both of my mothers:

You sacrificed and never satisfied 

You hold me and see me with your shining eyes 

There’s so much warmth in your hug and no one can define 

My tiny mother, 

How do I tell you? 

You’re so beautiful 

How do I tell you? 

You have magic in you 

How do I tell you? 

You’re the universe 

How do I tell you? 

I love you so much 

How do I tell you? 

You’re the apple to my eye 

Mother, my only dear 

I will always remember your mesmerizing smile and you’re the soul of mine

Nirali Kachalia

A gift to both of my angels. Happy Mother’s day!

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/avaviyareading/

Website: http://avaviyareading.com/

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