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Today’s Guest Post is by Mahreen Agha from www.hureikihealing.com Mahreen is a Healer/Master & Teacher of Multiple Reiki Techniques. She considers it a blessing to be at a position where she can help heal others. A mom of 2 boys, she is on a mission to serve and heal as many people as she can, because life is unpredictable. She believes, “Helping others is helping yourself and helping yourself is also a means of helping others.” (NOTE: This NOT a sponsored post)

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Emotionally drained with 2 toddlers I was struggling to build my photography business, to work from home and be financially free. As I walked into a meet up groups in an apartment in DC, I thought to myself , would this coach help me change my mindset , fix me and send me on the path to success. Unemployed for 3yrs after my 1st born I was desperate to bring in home some solid money. As I sat on the hot seat to talk about my business, all that came out of my mouth was ‘I’m not enough’, ‘my husband blames me’,’fix me please fix me’. May pain was emotional and spiritual, nothing a coach could help fix, but I still gave it a shot. Coaching calls every week, home work I did it all, but I still felt empty . I switched back into my old self once the sessions concluded. Why wasn’t there a transformation? Why didn’t I turn into the unicorn I wanted to become. What is wrong with me? My relationship was spinning into a black hole.


All this disempowerment I was facing had only one answer, something that had to touch me deeper than my physical self. I had to shake my soul. A friend of mine introduced me to Reiki and I become so addicted to it I had to learn it for myself so I may be able to help other women who might want some soul cleansing, clarity, purpose or getting rid of the physical and emotional pain. My 1st experience receiving reiki was out of this world, my body was open to receive healing, I was shaking with the intense vibrations being transferred to me. I thought it would be a regular massage but oh no, it was more than that, I was smiling throughout the process, I knew this was the fixing I was looking for and I got it
You see, everything around us is energy, you, me, this universe, the so-called law of attraction. It is all energy. We need to bring our body’s in line with these energies to be a manifestor of our dreams and desires. To increase our energetic frequency to match the frequency of a high paying job, a million dollar house and so on. How does one get in alignment you may ask? How do I vibrate on a hight frequency? Do I have to be in a constant state of joy?  Some take the self-healing route such as yoga. Yoga (asana and kundalini) helps open your energy blocks and helps the circulation of energy in your body. Some let other help them by reiki sessions, which are simply amazing. Some sit in meditation and do some self-exploration. These are all beautiful methods of self-empowerment.
After months of spiritual development and feeling the energetic vibrations and healing light (heat from my palms), it was time to help others and it was the most rewarding feeling. I now teach women to do reiki on themselves. It sometimes does sound like something unreal. But once you learn to do it for yourself, the reality of this world starts showing you its true face. Things start to manifest at the speed of light and all the how, why, when and wth questions get answered. My purpose of this post is to encourage people to look into the powerful energy or reiki, the power of self-healing, the powerful vibrations of gemstones and how they can also play a major role in bringing positive shifts in your body. Each stone has a property waiting to be activated when it touches the human body.
You are enough! You are powerful! You are creative, and after reading this you are saying no, or not eleven it then that clearly indicated that there are some chakra blockages, reiki masters as myself work with the 7 chakras inside a person, something like the organs of the soul. Each chakra represents a purpose, like power, communication, love etc and balancing these energies give one the healing we most crave for. I can go on and on about energy and aura, but let’s talk about energy and effects.
Many people who are easily affected by lower energies and harsh situations. The best way to protect yourself is either do self-reiki treatments or wear/keep stones in your purse for protection. I’m launching a variety of self-healing treatments here www.hureikihealing.com and would love for you to feel more protected and empowered than ever before.
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  • Simplifying Nutrition 7 months ago Reply

    Great post! Thanks for sharing this amazing information.
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  • Afton Jackson 3 years ago Reply

    I appreciate your sharing of your experience with how you got introduced to Reiki. My wife and I plan to learn reiki as well. We will need an expert who has Reiki certification classes to help us out.

  • Deborah Kos 4 years ago Reply

    I was always curious about Reiki and the powerful energy of self-healing. I heard people say it’s like magic. I really enjoyed this guest post.

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