‘I am a Writer Who is Dying to Live!’ Payel

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I, miss Payel Bhattacharya was an unusual child. My tangential connections with friends and relatives left me isolated but I was blessed with a wonderful mother. I grew up in the shadows of my Wonder-mum, my extraordinary mother who helped me wipe out every bitter memory and realize the beautiful, prettier side of life.

  Surprisingly enough my cogs and circuits malfunctioned, and time cheated on me. Strange feelings came over me and it seemed strange and lonely. Now, after a few years sitting in my chair, it seems strange that I survived 14 surgeries and radiosurgery under such bizarre conditions.

Strangely enough, I became something of a connoisseur of the bizarre and the grotesque which led me to write the novel “Midnight-a thrilling novel“. I haven’t forgotten everything of my past because my struggle hasn’t ended, every day of suffering, part of which remained in my circuits and when those fateful memories turn up, the electrons in the brain gets charged and misfires and I start “remembering extra” my mother channelizes that bottomless energy and I start writing and spinning out tales, thus I became an author but not yet an established author. I can’t get back to my childhood days where I never enjoyed the hop-skip-jump of those days. Realizing such a strange tour is out of the question, I decided to wage a war against the rogue protein molecules( VHL or Von Hipple Lindau) that brought me into a condition that a faulty part had to be changed and the system rewired. Thenceforth everything went wrong from the sub-atomic level and other parts started sprouting unwanted malicious codes (tumors). The malware disrupted or inflicted some other harmful action on the network.

I survived kidney cancer. One of those malicious tumors sitting atop my optic nerve in the brain makes me partially blind. Not even those killer sessions of radiation therapy could shrink it. Currently, living with the painful condition of trigeminal neuralgia is difficult that’s why it is also known as ‘suicide disease’.  Those stabbing, pain and the right eye throbbing make me dizzy.

Those tumors especially the nasty ones popping up in my brain makes living every day a constant fight.

 A few days ago the vision field test showed that my vision in the right eye has considerably declined. 

I wrote a fictional account of my life ‘A Warrior Dies Dancing…’ published by Sahitya Akademi. I didn’t stop at that, I wrote my entire autobiography which is about my struggle in crossing a thunderstorm amid thunderclaps and heavy rainfall with the help of those who felt an immediate and deep connection with my struggle, you will be getting it in paperback soon on Flipkart. I also wrote ‘The Adventures of Mum and Princess‘ which is a really thrilling book, unlike the deadly one (Midnight) you just read about. My war is still going on…

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