I own My Life and Help Others to Own Theirs: Ruchi Singh

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“When life pulls me down, I raise my standards.” Ruchi Singh 

Powerful words of a powerful woman.

If courage was a human being, she will look like Ruchi Singh. If grace and dignity had to be given a human form, it will look like Ruchi Singh.

We need strong courageous women like Ruchi Singh. She has taken her

adversity and not only turned it to her strength, she also inspires strength in others.

Ruchi’s journey from being a domestic violence victim to becoming a motivational speaker, a mindset coach, and a content creator is an inspiration to many.

She is a domestic violence survivor and helps others overcome the same traumatic experience by empowering people to move on from their victim mindset and be the masters of their lives.

Basically, from India, she faced her challenging life situation back in Sydney, Australia.

She shares her story as she feels it is not just her story but the story of millions of women and also a lot of menworldwide who are facing violence in their lives.

She uses her powerful voice to give voice to countless others. She delivers powerful motivational speeches tocreate awareness of domestic violence and also to share the message that we have immense potential within ourselves to overcome challenges and recreate a beautiful life.

When life challenges me, I say ‘Challenge Accepted! Game On!’ Ruchi Singh

The turning point came the night her ex-husband put a knife to her throat and threatened to kill her. She decided not to be a victim of violence rather a survivor of it. She made up her mind to end this toxic relationship and move on in life even though the decision wasn’t an easy one. She set herself free by divorcing her abusive husband.

While talking to me she asked me, “Do you know Deeksha who was my first audience?’ she continued with a laugh and said, “I was my first audience.”

She recorded a chat with herself on her mobile phone in which she questioned herself that for how long was she willing to be a victim? If being a victim was the purpose of her life??

Ruchi told herself that the situation may not be in her control but the response to the situation was in her control.

This helped her clear her doubts and she decided to change her life. She decided to take ownership of her life.  

She not only helped herself but decided to help others as well. She kept reminding herself that if she had died that night when her husband tried to kill her, she would not have added any value to this world.

She decided to help others. To quote Ruchi… She said, “The only way we add value to our lives is when we add value to others lives”

She started giving talks offline to create awareness on domestic violence.

Due to her desire to help more people and not just domestic violence victims, she started her YouTube channel with her highly motivational videos in order to inspire others to create the right mindset to overcome their own challenges.

When a problem comes, stand taller by getting on top of it! Ruchi Singh 

Ruchi Singh feels it’s extremely necessary for us as women to feel that our life is priceless. We must care for our well-being and stay away from toxic people. If trapped in an abusive relationship, take help from your friends and family. Being in a negative relationship takes a heavy toll on your confidence and personality. It adversely affects you psychologically and emotionally. It’s never easy to decide to end any relationship especially for women in India. So, women must make themselves financially independent to survive and come out victorious if trapped in any toxic relationship.

To prove her point, that strong will power can do wonders for women trapped in any kind of circumstances, Ruchi Singh tells the story of a woman named Vidya More. Vidya’s husband a poor farmer was heavily in debt. So, he decided to end his own life along with his wife and kids. He put his hut on fire to die with all his family members. But Vidya More did not want to die. She came out of that burning hut along with her kids. She decided to take charge of her life. She worked hard and paid off all the debts of her husband. The same debts which made her husband to commit suicide, made Vidya find her inner strength and prove herself as a winner and survivor.

Ruchi Singh feels that all of us have immense power and potential within us. In times of adversity rather than breaking down, we should find that strength within us to triumph over the challenges of our life.

Ruchi says, ‘Don’t worry what will people say if I decide to end a relationship? Where will I go? What will I do? If you are in an abusive relationship and it is a threat to your mental and physical wellbeing then you have complete right to move away from such a damaging, toxic relationship.

It is everyone’s birthright to live a life of peace and happiness.

Ruchi Singh is a living example that a strong a woman can emerge victorious after coming out of an abusive relationship. She not just changed her own life by being a positive and strong person but is helping to empower others trapped in a similar situation by becoming a Mindset Coach and a Motivational Speaker.

Like Ruchi Say, “Respect yourself, value yourself and most importantly love yourself”

Salute to you Ruchi Singh. Keep going, Wonderful Woman! 

Go ahead and connect with Ruchi Singh at

YouTube: http://bit.ly/RuchiSinghTalks


Twitter: http://bit.ly/TwitterRuchiSinghtalks


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