‘I will write My Own Destiny’: Pawana Tripathi

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Hey friends, today I ‘m presenting the story of a young girl named Pawana Tripathi who hails from a small town of U.P. in India but has big dreams in life. Pawana is just 20-year-old but has already authored 5 books and co-authored 6 anthologies. So read her inspiring story in her own words.

Let her define the..

Identity of her soul .

She started discussing about it ,

Like her jewellery is echoing

in the hazy wind of play off .

Dress of her soul is meticulous

With scars of utterance .

Depth of her soul is ironical

It is wrecked but not fragile .

Eyes of her soul is blend of ,

Hues and barren phase of life .

Spark of her soul is enough

To ruin the world of trickery.

conclusion of her description

Was nothing but SHE .

Pawana Tripathi

Hi I am Pawana Tripathi a 20 year-old girl who is a renowned feminist, an influencer  an author of five books, a public speaker  and a content writer I am a girl from Sultanpur UttarPradesh , daughter of Mr Siyarm Tripathi and Mrs Urmila Tripathi .

I’m a girl you can’t conquer. I’m a student of medical Microbiology. I started writing from class 5th when I was in school. I won a competition in writing. It encouraged me to write later on I  began to write two or three poems and thoughts daily and as I appeared in class 12th it became a huge collection of dairies.

Stereotypes and lack of resources were major obstacles in my life for chasing my dreams and creating the bang. So for me, it was quite a hard nut to crack to reach a publisher and get my book published. I tried a lot day and night in search of publications and looked for ways to get published. Ultimately my efforts bore fruits and I came across a publication that published my first book, Emotional Stream. It was like a dream come true when I held my first book in my hands. I craved for more.  So soon I wrote two more books Shattering of Fear and Warrior in Her. I was so happy to have them.

I joined so many communities and societies of writings. Soon I came across to SHEROES a life motivating platform that encouraged me so well and also gave me an opportunity for my first interview. The interview became a huge hit on the internet. My life changed completely with interviewers and magazines approaching me for more interviews. Then came the most important person of my life. It’s none other than my editor and supporter in life Rohit Gupta. Rohit is himself an author of 12 books and the founder of Aarsh Publications. Now I’m with my fifth book OMNIBUS SAGA just because of his kind support and guidance. I’m now busy with interviews, magazine coverings, awards by publications and institutes. I feel proud and honored.

I’m about to launch my new book SHE which is a collection of 120 poems.

I have been awarded with 3 awards and more than 15 certificates for my achievements. I want to convey the message that ,

“Never lose hope because best is always yet to come. Never ignore your passion and don’t be afraid of failure. Fear is nothing more than an internal give up. So do not fear. And if you are a writer like me, write every day and keep searching for opportunities. There is no fixed time to create a bang, but when you create it, mark my words, it will be the loudest!”

She is the universe ,

With heaven and hell .

She has alot to scream ,

But not accustomed to yell .

You always reveal ,

What are your needs .

But she is something ,

That can fulfil desire .

You always attempt ,

to achieve the spark .

But she is something ,

scorching like wildfire .

She is poetry with ,

addiction of wine .

She is universe With ,

spirit of divine.

– Pawana Tripathi

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