Learn How to Stand Up For Yourself from Mansi Poddar

Learn How to Stand Up For Yourself from Mansi Poddar

Mansi Poddar is one of the top Psychologists in India. She earned her Masters in Counselling for Mental Health and Wellness from New York University in 2009. She has counseling experience of over 10 years with issues such as mental trauma, anxiety, depression, women’s issues, grief, premarital issues, infertility, marital counseling, mood and personality disorders. But it is not because of her being a master in the field of psychology that I’m writing about her here. It is one of the reasons that she understands the importance of self-respect and self-love through her own hard experiences that I chose to write about her here on WonderfulWoman.

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In her Josh Talk, Mansi Poddar spoke her heart out. She candidly tells with her eyes moist, how she never wants to be a child again and is happy to be a woman of 37! She narrates the first ever incident of molestation in her life when she was just a child of 6! At her very own home while her mother was away to take shower leaving little Mansi in the custody of her grandma, Mansi was called a carpenter working in her home ‘to play’ with him. He molested her for 10 to 15 minutes while Mansi thought he was playing with her. She told that she had been repeatedly molested until the age of 14. Some of these molestations continued for weeks and months while others were stand-alone incidents. She made another shocking remark by saying that she was molested by both men and women. Yes, women too molest young girls! As a young girl, Mansi felt molestation is a sort of connection she made with people as these molesters were often people ‘very close to her’. They made her happy as they were the only ones who appreciated her. All of them told her that if she told about ‘it’ to anyone nobody will believe her. Another reason for her to keep quiet was she was an introvert and shy child who was bullied by her classmates and even teachers at school! Since she used to be a ‘poor child academically’ teachers humiliated her every day. They called her garbage and made her stand in the dustbin and even asked other students not to talk to her if they wanted to pass in exams. As she was made to feel like a good for nothing at school, she felt being loved when being molested.

Learn How to Stand Up For Yourself from Mansi Poddar

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When she approached a teacher complaining her about the bully and molestation she was facing the teacher told her that ‘Mansi if you tell these things to anyone, nobody will believe you. You are a loser, a failure and making excuses not to study. Keep quiet about all this.’  This was the first time, Mansi Poddar had taken a stand for herself and getting this response made her quiet again. Soon to overcome her depression she turned to food and became an obese child. She was ridiculed for being obese by everyone in her school.  In class ninth, for the first time in her life, Mansi Poddar got a nice compliment from one of her teachers who told her that she has a beautiful smile. This made her feel good about herself. In college, she made some good friends. She even entered into a relationship with a guy. But this relationship also eventually turned abusive. During this time, Mansi had got a volunteer job as a rape and domestic violence counselor. She felt she had got what she wanted in her life. Her healing journey began as she heard stories of other women like herself. She also took mental therapy which helped her regain her lost self-respect.

Learn How to Stand Up For Yourself from Mansi Poddar

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One day the man she was in a relationship, she stripped her down and threw her on dining table causing her injury on her rib cage. For the first time in her life, Mansi Poddar said, ‘No, you can not treat me like this. I’m not an object.’ The man got angry and threw her out the home. She again behaved like a victim and said sorry to him for having misbehaved with him. The next day, her therapist said to her, ‘Mansi, why are you demeaning yourself? Why are you betraying yourself by being in this abusive relationship?’ That’s the time, Mansi Poddar decided to end this relationship and raise her standard so that nobody could take her lightly and disrespect her.

Learn How to Stand Up For Yourself from Mansi Poddar

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Mansi Poddar as a leading psychologist in India, advises everyone to never ever be in an abusive relationship as it kills your self-respect and makes you feel good-for-nothing. You must stand up for yourself if you want people to respect you. Abuse is not only physical and sexual it’s mental too. If people around you tell you, you lack this and that, continuously taunt you and mock you it’s an abuse. Leave the company of all such negative people. Currently, Mansi Poddar is working in Kolkata along with 5 other psychologists who provide counseling to people on all issues like peer pressure, body image, mental and physical abuse anything and everything. She emphasizes the fact that ‘therapy is for everyone.’ Attach no stigma to this. Everyone who needs it must go for it. If you are not able to do this, at least talk your heart out to a close friend or relative who can actually heart you and counsel you. This is something extremely important for all of us to express ourselves, love, and respect ourselves.

Learn How to Stand Up For Yourself from Mansi Poddar

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Mansi Poddar’s story can change the lives of many people who feel they are alone in their battle. People who are made to feel and believe they are worthless and deserve to be abused. Nobody has right to abuse us, to make us feel useless. We all have to take care of ourselves, love and respect ourselves. Mansi herself suffered abuse but rose up against it to discover herself. She is an eminent Psychologist working to heal people who are victims of any kind of abuse and self-hate. Hope story of this wonderful woman will inspire you all.

Learn How to Stand Up For Yourself from Mansi Poddar

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Comments (20)

  • Miss RACHEAL 1 year ago Reply

    It hard to be true to yourself sometimes the motivational aspects of women should be submissive makes our self respect to be nothing. The society is full of abuse itself. It’s going to be difficult but not attainable. I should try to do same. But She is brave to stand for herself now well done ?

  • Chuck 5 years ago Reply

    Reading her story is definitely inspiring especially for people who are doubting their self. More power

  • Sharon Chen 5 years ago Reply

    I totally agree there’s nothing wrong with asking for help especially when you need it 🙂

  • Jan F 5 years ago Reply

    very powerful story. Thank You for sharing!

  • Nkem 5 years ago Reply

    “Why are you betraying yourself by being in this abusive relationship?” You know, sometimes it is as simple as the love we show ourselves, and the love we believe we deserve. Simple concept, but not easy to actualize when you’ve been through so much heartbreak and trauma. The goal is to be in a place where you know and can do better for yourself. What a tough story, but with some wonderful points to take away.

  • Berlin 5 years ago Reply

    She has such an inspiring story, not letting any man hurt her ever. She stands by her principles. Such an inspiration

  • Elizabeth O 5 years ago Reply

    This was such a great read. Standing up for oneself can be really hard and having inspirational people and stories to read really breeds motivation.

  • milan 5 years ago Reply

    i felt so sad that children have to go through the abuse, it leaves scars for entire life. But kudos to Mansi and her grit. my best wishes to her.

  • Yeah Lifestyle 5 years ago Reply

    This story is so powerful especially for woman as so many out there are going through the same issues but too afraid to stand up for themselves.

  • Aditi 5 years ago Reply

    I loved the thought and totally agree that asking for help is not a sign of weakness, its rather because we want to take precautionary or corrective measures to stay strong. Truly inspiring post

  • Crystal 5 years ago Reply

    The power of a leading lady

  • Emily 5 years ago Reply

    Her story is so inspiring! I know people who have gone through problematic relationships and it made their lives so much more difficult.

  • Ronnie 5 years ago Reply

    What a story and rough experience. I’m glad she’s using it to help others get past their own terrible experiences. We need more strong women like her guiding those of us who are broken.

  • Ava 5 years ago Reply

    Great topic!

  • Jovane' 5 years ago Reply

    Wow! What an amazing woman indeed! So sad what some children go through growing up without ever having someone they can rely on to believe them. I have a friend who went through this same very thing and was told by her mom she was making it up to get attention. So awful. She is still going through therapy. Thank you for getting Mansi’s story out there.

  • candy 5 years ago Reply

    Well I can certainly understand why she doesn’t want to return to childhood and would much rather be an adult. How sad for a child to have to grow up that way.

  • Tizzy Says 5 years ago Reply

    What an incredible woman with a heartbreaking story. I see a lot of my self in her.

  • Tiana Harris 5 years ago Reply

    What a great reading suggestion. I am always one to back down and feel bad to say no, or stand up for myself!

  • Alexandra 5 years ago Reply


  • Twinkie 5 years ago Reply

    Really an inspiring story (y)

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