Let Nothing Hold You Back: Shontelle Dubois

shontelle dubois

Shontelle Dubois is an exemplary woman who showed unusual strength and courage when thrown into trying times. Shontelle did not have a normal happy childhood. She tried to show herself as a happy child in her school and lied about the bruises on her body. When she grew up her life changed and she had graduated. She also had a beautiful daughter. But her beautiful world shattered again when she met with a fatal 7-car accident. She spent a long time in the hospital. She fell unconscious at the accident spot and was rushed to the emergency room. Her injuries caused her sciatic nerve pain and extreme vertigo. Besides, Shontelle developed severe back pain that did not let her stand up straight for several months. Due to numbness in her legs, she was bedridden. Shontelle had to go through 3 years of rehabilitation to regain her normal self. After getting discharged from the hospital, her recovery process threw her into depression. She had to learn walking on her feet once again.

Because of being depressed, she started binge eating and as a result, gained a lot of weight. She soon realized, she needed to get back to her normal self and through her determination, she lost 95 pounds in five months. She got extremely motivated by her transformation and decided to become a personal trainer and help other men and women come out of poor physical health. But just then another disaster struck her! Shontelle lost her job and was given an eviction notice by her landlord. But she did not give up. She used the stairwell in her Jane and Finch apartment building to train her clients. People ridiculed her and called her ‘the stairwell trainer‘. But Shontelle Dubois did not hear them. She got up early in the morning to clean the stairwell before her clients arrived in her little gym. When her clients struggled to cook their meals to stay consistent with their customized meal plans, she herself cooked their meals.

Soon, she saved enough money to open her own fitness studio. She now owns a big gym, with a large number of clients waiting for her, and even more to get enrolled with her. Shontelle shows what a person can achieve through determination, strong willpower and a heart full of love and care for others. Her slogan “..because I care” is very much suited to her. Shontelle Dubois is a fighter beat all odds in her life. She is a life coach and a motivational speaker who shares her inspiring journey develop ‘never give up attitude’ in people!

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  • Deborah Kos 4 years ago Reply

    Way to go Shontelle! Now, that is an amazing woman who survived the car and was in rehabilitation for 3 years. Then, she loses a ton of weight and starts her own fitness studio. That is a very inspiring story!

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