‘Life Is A Precious Gift’ Guest Post By Angela Heath

angela heath

We are all extremely busy human beings; so busy that we often do not even get time to spend with ourselves! We are generally short of time to sit, relax and meditate on questions about our own existence and purpose of our life. If we ever get this precious ‘me time’ there are a number of interesting things that we can think over which will make peace in our life. Here’s a post by Angel Heath has written with a mind contemplating about such important things in our life which are often ignored by us. Read her post and get inspired to search for the meaning of your life! Angela Jayne Heath is an Educational Leader and an Influencer.

I am a woman who believes in true love. A person who has pursued life believing in the universal flow of all that is. And while at the age of 39 I do not believe I have met my soul that has potential to partner me in life what I have been able to find, develop and explore in the pursuit of being the best type of person that I can be and a bunch of souls in other women that have driven, pushed and inspired me well beyond anything that I could ever personally dream of. They are my unlimited thinkers, my guides and defiantly I am in love with them.

Life for me is a gift and this gift is the most precious of gifts and alongside this gift is a lifetime of working and playing with others, on this beautiful planet called earth. Some people go through life not knowing what their souls’ purpose is but for me I was fortunate to learn this and much more through my pursuit and development of the self. There is nothing more grateful in my mindset than the inspiration that I have received from other women all over the planet in the act of pursuing this idea. This knowledge has been gained in particular through the learning of women of whom I have been close to me in my life. When I ask a young person to really think what the value is of one human life is, they always come up with the same response there is no value for that of one life. My response for this has been well then why do we treat each other so poorly in the world of which we call planet earth. The issue is that it doesn’t matter how mindful we are we all have the potential to harm and hurt one another but what if this was caused by the conditioned reactions that we have learned. For maybe through thinking it out and believing that no one means to harm us and that there only intent is to develop us as humans in a process called evolution.

A very wise yogi set upon my path at the foot of the Himalayas on one of my solo adventures he questioned me on universal truths waiting for my response as if time and space had left the planet and even though people were everywhere only the two of us could hear our conversation. He asked me “why would I reincarnate on a planet like this when there are so many others in the universe.” I responded the earth is very round and has the energy that is circular and at times it  can make you feel dizzy because it keeps going round and round but the beauty I am witness to here through the people is what makes me want to keep coming back, my lessons here are not complete it is through learning of others that I gain the greatest growth and insight into the potential that exists here.” For me, there is no greater growth that I have gained through the women who surround me in my life. Each person threading and weaving their imprint on me and stamping their thoughts, through influence, mentoring, guidance and love. The reality of being me has meant that I don’t have one true soul mate but multiple souls that light up my path and encourage me to keep on being me so that I move forward in my pursuit to live out my purpose.

Nothing could be truer of this then my pursuit as an educational leader. Since a very young age I would find myself in debates about wrong and right only to realize there is more grey then anyone could imagine and the less we judge the more we understand and the more we are open to what is, the quicker we forgive. I learned this in my teenage years attending a girl’s school, where after being severely bullied I decided not to sit with one group, but I would sit by myself regardless of the consequences. What I found is that people will come and sit with you because they too understood the grey through the quiet protest of an individual. At this school in my Senior Years, we were lucky to gain a principal who would remind us weekly at assemblies that girls could do anything. Most girls they laughed but me I believed her and 8 years later I would be the one who would continue this type of inspirational message in the schools that I work in. The greatest gift from this woman would not end here for it was her best friend who would be the first principal to employee me full time as a teacher and she would go on to mentor me into the Leader that I am today. It was through observing their amazing respect for one another and watching the other strong women of whom they surrounded themselves with, that I understood the power of collaborating and doing the world together. For the self-development that they gained through discussion, debate and the ongoing nature that is friendship will remain in my thoughts as my guide in my own development forever.

The wonderful women that have influenced my life and lit my fire come from all walks of life. They exist in my family, in my friendships, in

the places that I work and travel through. They are the women who I have invited into my inner circle and have carefully chosen them to share my life with. They give me counsel, they push my limited beliefs, they accept me just the way I am. They guide me and encourage me to reach well beyond where I thought I could go, and they realign me in my life’s purpose and personal pursuits which include being the best I can be right now in every moment. It is not that the men in my life do not do this, it is just that a woman’s perspective and influence have a greater value when you are walking in the footsteps of the great women of whom you have been blessed to have in your life.

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  • Meltblogs 2 years ago Reply

    Such a great and emotional post. Thank you for it.

  • Vox 4 years ago Reply

    I am so happy to see that you are embracing your opportunities to enjoy your life. My mom passed suddenly nearly 3 years ago and it was a wake up call for me. I have spent these last few years not worrying about what I am SUPPOSED to do and instead ask myself what value—and joy—every thing/person/experience each brings. Thanks for reminding how important it is to live mindfully.
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