‘Life is Precious’ Guest Post by Daishu McGriff 

‘Life is Precious’ Guest Post by Daishu McGriff 

Your Story is a series by WonderfulWoman where you will read inspiring Guest Posts from women around the world. Here they share their experiences, stories and things that matter most to all women.

Today’s Guest Post is by Daishu McGriff from daishumcgriff.wordpress.com. Daishu is an aspiring writer and poet who enjoys the untouched beauty of nature and enjoying creative experiences.  One of her biggest desires is to grow more as a writer and develop a strong ability to tell stories, write vivid poems, and create experiences in every word, sentence, and paragraph that she writes. Read the story of her life which will make you believe in yourself.

Fortunately, things began to change for me. I was offered this amazing job in another city. This promotion would require me to relocate to another city. Not only that but a city where I wouldn’t know anyone. I would be completely starting over. This would normally be frightening to some people, but it wasn’t for me. I actually didn’t think about it. I just thought about freedom. No more crazy hours, running in between jobs, and staying up late for study sessions.

I would finally be free. Life seemed very appealing until I was told that my dad was diagnosed with Leukemia. I know right? There goes another jab!  I managed to get through all of this change, but I can say that it nearly tore me apart. My dad did not make it through this cancer, he passed away 8 months after being diagnosed. His death had created some type of drive in me that I have never had before. Of course, I mourn his death, but he made me appreciate life so much more. I focused on all the breath that I still had in my body and I wanted to do something with it while I still had it. This ambition was new. Since this new emotion, I have been writing more than ever. I’ve begun the process of writing a novel, I’ve been writing a poetry collection, I’ve been drawing and so much more. All of these gifts being poured out of me from grief and pain. For most people, it doesn’t take death to realize that life is precious and that your abilities are purposeful gifts. For me, it took suffering, tears, and heartache.

Life is Precious

Life has been very interesting to me. I’ve always been the type of person that looked to enjoy experiences, create ideas, and bring my visions to life. However, I never would have thought that grief would cause me to dig deeper as a creator. I am a poet and aspiring writer who enjoys the freedom to perform spoken word. The ability to speak freely has been a very big part of my public image because I believe that freedom speaks where bondage is silenced. With this understanding on life, I tend to write pieces that reflect my faith and how it would benefit others. I would challenge myself to perform in any place that gave me the opportunity. The ambiance did not matter to me. Most of the times, I would be the only spiritual performer in a lineup, but these types of performances always fueled my creativity and gave a desire to share more. It made me bold and confident as a creator.

As I grew up over the years, life took me in a different direction. I had to slow down on these unpaid performances and begin a career as a marketer. Basically, I needed money. I begin working two professionally demanding jobs along with starting graduate school at the same time. It was chaos. Everything I knew about liberty in my creativity was disappearing. Before then, I was losing weight, writing, performing and really flourishing. When life became

real, I gained my weight back, I became more stressed, and I didn’t feel free. I heard the bondage that I always silenced yelling in my ear, every single day.

My Message to All Wonderful Women

Challenge yourself to self-reflect on the things that you can do well and on the skills you always wanted to enhance. Be a blessing to someone else in this regard as well. Encourage them to self-reflect and don’t waste talent. I hope that if you take anything from my story that you take this, life is precious and freedom truly speaks. Always let the creative in you live through trials, through joy, and with liberty.

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Her Blog: daishumcgriff.wordpress.com

Instagram: instagram.com/_freedomspeaks

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