‘Life’s Beautiful When You are in Love with Yourself’ Chandni Singh

Chandni Singh

Lately I came across a beautiful person on Instagram named Chandni Singh who is Editorial head TalentStoryIndia, a teacher at G.D. Goenka Public School Agra and a passionate food, fashion & travel blogger.  She started working when she was just 20 and from then there’s no looking back! Chandni has transformed her life from a girl with a broken relationship to an independent and smart girl who is the queen of her own life! She gives credit to practicing self-love and self-care for her transformation. Read her amazing story and get inspired to chase your dreams girls!

Life’s Beautiful When You are in Love with Yourself

Hi everyone. I am Chandni from the beautiful city of the Taj Mahal, Agra in India. I have been raised in a family where women did things confidently with or without men, where my parents didn’t differentiate between a girl and a boy.

Working from such an early age of 20 I faced several challenges but at the same time I knew that God was preparing me for something tough and I will get through it with my ‘never-give-up’ attitude. 

Things will come like a graph in your life, people will backstab you when you will trust them the most. You will be judged for having a broken relationship but that’s life. The only thing that will matter is how quickly you can pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and get back to SELF LOVE and doing what needs to be done to move forward.

A Teacher and An Influencer

You don’t have a choice. Blogging was never my choice but my friends and family supported my interests and pushed me to bump into it and achieve something extraordinary, make my own identity. I am a teacher by profession for the last 9 years, I love seeing children and their jovial faces. I also love traveling, styling my clothes, cooking, and presenting food to the table with my artistic skills and dressing up good every time I go out in public. All these factors together made me take a dive into the blogging world!

Food Blogger

Being a ‘food blogger’ can certainly be a full-time job but I just did it because of my interest and not to earn bread and butter out of it. It involves cooking, photographing, writing and that doesn’t even include planning, editing, or searching for that nowhere-to-be found ingredient. All these steps should be done with pleasure be it your initial days or days after you have gained success and popularity otherwise why bother blogging at all, right?

Fashion Blogger

Coming to fashion blogging , one should be able to catch the attention of his/her audience . During my initial days, I started with a few local brands and fashion boutiques like @avanya_byneya, @nooredhaga, @vastrakruti, and @karnaya. I did a few shoots for them and that’s how I made my way into fashion blogging. It’s been a year since then and now I love to create OOTD’S for my audience who have showered me with immense power and love all through my tough journey.

My Motivation

I’ve always believed that motivation comes from ‘pain’ and ‘grief’. If I knew as a teacher in my past life crying over a heart-break would swell up my eyes and I have to go for a job at 7 AM the next day, I would postpone my crying man. No discussion. I have a job to do and it’s an important part of my life, I have to look good and dance upon the uncertainties of life.

Message For Women

Life is there for you to keep moving forward, do not let anything hold you back, no matter how precious. Because nothing compares to how precious life is, you are. Never keep the key to your happiness in someone else’s hand, always make sure that you are the reason for your own happiness. Recognize your potentials and listen to your inner calling and move in that direction, things will not be easy in the starting but trust me the results will be more than beautiful!

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