‘Love Being A Woman, Love Being Myself’ Daisy Bala

Daisy bala

I love blogging so much! There are so many benefits of being a blogger sharing stories of women from all parts of the world. One, you get to hear some heart-warming stories which touch you deeply. Two, you make some awesome friends who always encourage and inspire you. Three, you keep getting great posts from the blogger friends you make! So here’s one more post from my friend Daisy who had earlier shared Maya Angelou’s story on WonderfulWoman. In this short post-Daisy is reflecting on the life of women. It’s a beautiful post which will make you feel how special you are in your ways!

Love Being A Woman, Love Being Myself

Hey beautiful people!! My name Daisy Bala and I’m a blogger by choice! I write whenever ideas crunch. I’m an Indian settled in Chicago who loves writing to the core!

I am eternally beautiful but I’m not obsessive about it, not boastful either. Like every other woman, I have hundreds of desires, few realistic too. I want everything in ratios and proportions to explore, every day I am hopeful to the future. But I’m contented too, my gratitude overwhelms me. My invasive thoughts struggle like mayhem but alas my peace wins. I find peace in sobriety. You don’t need many things to be ecstatic. I am blessed, to reproduce, hone, and lead by example, surreal, grounded yet whimsical, pervasive yet seasonal. I am powerful with invisible tiaras and a magic wand that can simplify.

My emotional quotients run high like complicated networks but the head and heart work together as a formidable combo. I can be bewitching and blissful simultaneously, resonate like euphony. I sow relations like twigs-introspect and intervene, empathize, and experience because I spearhead a family. My values replenish my home. I might be scared many times but my faith reassures me.I’m too pure to be diluted, unique like a snowflake. My aura is like basil- aromatic and vivacious. I am ambitious and ambidextrous. I am a woman and I agree, it’s not easy to be one. Ladies!! Take a bow!!

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