‘Love What Comes in Your Way’ Khushbu Thakur Khan

khushbu thakur khan

I was completely taken aback when I first heard the name Khushbu Thakur Khan because in India you can either be a Thakur or a Khan. I mean, you can either be a Hindu or a Muslim! How can a person be both? I was quite surprised and so I contacted the beautiful girl Khushbu herself who has an amazing story behind her queer name. She is a child of two beautiful souls who are madly in love with each other and had an inter-religion marriage. Yes, a Hindu and a Muslim who married each other without putting condition to leave one’s religion and follow his/ hers. They both love and respect each other and each other’s religions too. They happily follow the rituals of both the festivals and have given their daughter the beautiful legacy of love! Khushbu’s parents’ story proves true love does exist and it is beyond the boundaries of caste, culture, and religion. Read Khushbu’s heart-warming story in her own words.

Love What Comes in Your Way

And I love the two religions which came in my way with two beautiful surnames , which are now my identity.

Having two surnames was never an easy thing for me since ever. We live in a society where everybody wants to know your surname and judge you based on that. Even I have been asked  a lot of questions regarding the religion I follow or why I follow two religions at the same time, or why do I adore Kanha Ji soo much because I am a Muslim from my father’s side or why do I celebrate Diwali, Holi, etc etc 

And trust me even mature, educated people still ask me this. Yes! People with great brains and great degrees do ask me all these questions. To which I just wanna reply that My life is beautiful in this way. 

Earlier When I was a kid I did feel bad when people asked me all these lame questions. But as life progressed I realised the fact that no matter how many flaws you have never hide them or feel ashamed. 

This has made me come up as a stronger individual rather a confident one.

I feel I am really lucky to be born to such parents who had the audacity to mark and make the promises they made to each other irrespective of the religions they had, they made it!

Of course a lot came in their way but they overcame.

Being a rajput and a muslim at the same time has been the best thing that happened to me giving me a strong moral of my life –

“Accept your flaw as it is & it is no more a flaw”

More than this it is a very special gift which my parents gave me .

My unique name marks victory of love over any orthodox mentality. 

Also I find myself fortunate enough to have a story behind my name.

It is strange that the moment we are born we are given a name, a surname, a religion. About which we hardly know anything.

I don’t think we should tell a kid that he or she is a Muslim or a Hindu or this is the religion you have to follow and it has these boundaries, the world will be a beautiful place if we just tell the kids to Spread Love. Because love is above all.

And to the adults who are still going to ask me this Janamashtami that Why Am I celebrating it ? 

I would love to say that such people are really good at recycling shit!

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