Making India Proud the ‘Gold’en Shooter Tejaswini Sawant


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Tejaswini Sawant is a woman shooter from India who has made the country proud once again by her recent win at the Common Wealth Games 2018 in Women’s  50m rifle  shooting. She has already claimed a silver in the same  season CWG. In 2010 she became the first Indian sportswoman to win gold at the World Shooting Championship, her two medals in CWG 2018 will shut up all those who tried to ridicule her not-so-good performance in 2016 Rio Olympics.



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Tejaswini Sawant was born on 12 September 1980. She hails from Kolhapur, Maharashtra in India. Her father Ravindra Sawant was an officer in the Indian Navy. She is eldest among three daughters. At the age of 13, she started her training with the aim of becoming India’s top shooter.  She practiced in Dudhlai where there were very less facilities available for a shooter. Her initial training was under Jai Singh Kusale. At the 9th South Asian Sports Federation Games held in 2009 at Islmabad, Pakistan, she won a Gold Medal for India. Her father died in February 2010. Tejaswini Sawant was also appointed as officer on special duty (OSD) in the sports department. Tejaswini got married on 11 Feb 2016 with Well known Social Figure and Builder by profession Sameer Darekar of Pune.



Tejaswini Sawant received the Arjuna award on 29 August 2011.

After a gap of eight years, Tejaswini Sawant has won gold at the Commonwealth Games 2018 in the women’s 50m 3 positions rifle event, that too just two days after she’d won Silver in 50m prone rifle. In the last four elimination shots, she was the only one to not shoot below the 10.0 mark. In 2010 CWG, Tejaswini Sawant performed well, winning two Silver medals and a Bronze, even though she had received the news that her father expired. But the pressure of high expectations due to her brilliant performance, broke her balance and her performance deteriorated. In 2014, tragedy struck her again as her mother fell ill just when the Commonwealth Games were to start in Glasgow.



“I left shooting completely for three months to ensure my mother was healthy again,” Tejaswini said. “It was a long gap. Since the game is so technical, I lost my touch and it took a long time to get it back. As a result, I couldn’t make the Asian Games or Olympics teams.”



Her husband Sameer Darekar said for her “You could tell that she was frustrated because she hadn’t won anything for a long time. She’d never show it though because she felt it would affect the people around her. She didn’t want anyone to feel upset, but we all knew she wanted to shoot. She had a goal.”



This time she scored an impressive Games record of 457.9.“That was physically and mentally draining, it was a marathon,” Tejaswini  Sawant said. “There was a lot of tension here. And we were all so happy when it was finally over. But this is just the beginning. Next is Asian Games and Olympics. And I want to watch those too.” says Sameer Darekar.



We all will watch her too and we wish to watch her win again for India!



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