Meet 10 Yr Old Charlotte Making Kids Smile Through Stiches By Charlotte

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Charlotte Gould is a 10 years old girl who runs a unique line of dolls dedicated to kids undergoing medical procedures and surgeries. Though Charlotte is a little girl herself, surprisingly she sews these dolls by her own hands. These dolls are available in pink and blue dresses for girls and boys and are very soft to cuddle. She has named her business Stitches by Charlotte which donates a part of its sale to charity.

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The idea of creating Stitches by Charlotte struck Charlotte Gould got a sewing machine as a gift on Christmas. Charlotte worked hard designing, sewing and selling dolls. She gifted the proceeds to cleft charities.

​Charlotte Gould sewed her first doll on her sewing machine a little copy of herself with long brown braids, wearing glasses, having a sweet smile and a small scar. She was appreciated and encouraged for making a doll that looked so lifelike because of its imperfections. Charlotte soon found her passion for making a different type of dolls. She stitched a doll with a scar across her chest for a little heart surgery warrior and another one for a

brain-surgery survivor– a doll with a crown of stitches. Charlotte happily sews these dolls to make kids going through a tough time, smile. Soon, 

Charlotte’s little dolls became immensely popular. People loved her dolls and believed they can make a big difference.

When Charlotte’s mother was expecting her at a 20 week ultrasound, it was diagnosed that the little baby girl in the womb was having a cleft lip & palate — the most common facial birth defect in the USA. 1 in 700 babies suffers from it in the United States.  So, the baby Charlotte had to go through several surgeries and medical procedures, including two before she turned one!  Frequent visits to Doctor, numerous surgeries, different types of medical procedures, and ongoing treatment filled Charlotte’s childhood. But her parents made sure it was also filled with lots of love, laughter, dolls, happiness and smiles.

Charlotte Gould is now a happy and completely healthy girl studying in the fifth grade. She loves to play with her friends, go to the theater and her unique glasses. She loves to spend her time with her sewing machine or reading a good book.  Charlotte’s dream is to be a fashion designer when she grows up.

Charlotte’s unique dolls have been featured in American Girl magazine & Scholastic News, on Good Morning America, Fox News’ The Five, Disney Radio, and honored at WE Day 2018.  Charlotte Gould finds true happiness in helping kids and anyone else in need. This little graceful girl is definitely going to be a Wonderful Woman when she grows up. Love and blessings to you Charlotte! Keep going.

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Comments (4)

  • Drake 4 months ago Reply

    not to brag but shes my cousin

  • Sonja 4 years ago Reply

    Oh my goodness! This post tugged at my heart strings. What a wonderful idea to help other children connect with dolls that look similar to their own life circumstances.

  • Robert Forster 4 years ago Reply

    What a touching post and what a little lady she is. Inspirational

  • Deborah Kos 4 years ago Reply

    Charlotte is such an inspiration to other children who want to be entrepreneurs. Her company Stitches donates part of the sales to charity which is wonderful. It is hard to believe that her company got started when she got a sewing machine for Christmas.

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