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ishita banik

Ishita Banik, one of the new Indian authors, has shared her journey with WonderfulWoman to inspire people to pursue their dreams. A software engineer by profession, Ishita Banik published her first novel ‘If We Last’ after finishing her post-graduation. While she was all set to go ahead with her corporate job, deep down inside her, she dreamt of creating stories.

She started writing her debut novel ‘If We Last’ to de-stress herself, and only after it was finished, she thought of publishing it to reach out to the more readers. Writing has always been her passion but being an author was unplanned to her.

She first wrote a short poem when she was in first grade only. After her debut novel became a best seller in thriller fiction, she published the next two novels, ‘Till We Last’ and ‘The City of Tunes.’ All her novels are romance thriller with inspiring messages throughout the books. She believes in dreaming and aiming high and working hard to make it all real. 

Apart from being an author, she is an avid reader, traveller and entrepreneur. While she is working on her next novel, at the same time she writes about how to start writing, getting published etc. to inspire the aspiring authors.

In her words, ” Nothing great can be achieved overnight. Not only hard work but you need consistency to reach your goals.”

Ishita Banik has written novels in romance thriller genre so far. She is fond of thriller and mystery novels and loves to work by blending different genres. She is currently writing a novel which is a collection of paranormal short stories, the title named ‘Don’t Turn off the Lights Tonight.’

Ishita Banik doesn’t only write her novels but loves to design the book covers too.

“If you are passionate to do your work, that’s your biggest strength,” says Ishita.

Her novels are full of quotes which are the amalgamations of emotions and philosophy.

A few of her famous quotes-

“Time never fails to be unfair to us. It crawls when we want it to pass as soon as possible, and it flies when we plead for one second more.”

“Death is just the end of a part of the journey. That’s it.”

“Sometimes we get compelled to end a relationship. Not because it is toxic, but, because the closeness becomes more painful than the distance.”

“My novels are fiction, but those are not unrealistic. Because, only when you can relate with a novel, you can enjoy it fully. Or else, it may look like…all made up and artificial,” she shares her thought in creating stories.

All her novels are available worldwide on Amazon in both e-book and paperback formats.

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