Meet Neeru The Lady Making ‘Pawsitive’ Effects in The Lives Of Street Dogs

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Often strange things happen in our lives. But, I believe everything that happens in our lives has some strong reason behind it whether it’s good or bad. One life turning ‘mishap’ happened in the life of Neeru Chauhan which changed her life and moreover the motto of her life forever! Read the heart-warming story of Neeru in her own words which will force you to believe humanity, love, and compassion still exist in this world.

Neeru’s Story


My name is Neeru Chauhan. I was born in Delhi which is the national capital of the country and is famous for tourist attractions, food, and markets. Before marriage, my life too has been spent like normal girls. I have completed my Primary Education in Paharganj, the oldest and crowded area of ​​Delhi and I have completed Graduation from Zakir Hussain (Evening) College of Delhi University because in Day Time I used to teach Tutions so that I could afford my studies. After college, the purpose of my life was to serve the country by becoming an IAS and I used to do preparations continuously for that. But the 2 biggest Turning Points came in my life, one of which killed me and the other showed me the way to live.

Life’s first turning point

I was married shortly after completing college, after which was the first Turning Point of my life and had almost killed me. It was not even a month after I got married that some jealous relatives instigated my mother-in-law against me and said to her that felt that I had an upper shadow (ghost) and I am possessed by an evil spirit. Well, my exorcism started by some Tantrik and babas. Initially, the people who did exorcism used to come to the house. Gradually the time of this process increased from hours to days and the number of Babas also increased. Now for exorcism, my in-laws started taking me to Baba’s hideouts. Initially, it seemed to me that all this was happening for my good somewhere but as minutes started changing into hours and hours into days, my patience and my ability to tolerate pain decreased. At first I used to go voluntarily but slowly I became scared to go. As soon as exorcism started, every nerve of my body started to explode. I felt as if my brain was stretched and someone was squeezing my nerves. Now the pain had become unbearable. I used to cry in front of my in-laws but it was as if they had vowed not to see my pain and the Babas had no difficulty in scaring my in-laws for running their shop. Those Babas used to say to my husband and in-laws that if you now stop exorcism your family will be devastated and ruined. My Husband was seeing my pain and so he decided to live away from his family with me. This was the first turning point in my life.

Second Turning Point of life

A long cycle of my medical treatment began after we separated from my husband’s family. My treatment lasted for 2 years in Delhi’s IHBAS Hospital which is also called Mental Asylum of Delhi. During that time Doctors told me that due to so much mental trauma, I have developed a mental illness called “Dissociative Disorder” in which I had stopped recognizing anyone and I could not even recognize myself! I could not see, speak and even listen. I was scared of everyone, even myself, and I spent 2 years of my life in this stage. For 2 years my husband took care of me like I were his child. Every morning he got up early in the morning cleaning, making breakfast and bathing me and feeding me breakfast, giving me medicines, due to which I used to fall asleep immediately and then he would lock me in-home (for my safety) and go to the office. Even after coming back from the office in the evening, he repeated the same cooking, cleaning, giving me medicine routine till 8:00 PM By 8 in the evening, I used to fall asleep again. These things lasted for 2 years. For me, 2 years of my life have disappeared from the calendar. Two years later, there was a period when I was mentally stable and I started recognizing myself and my husband. I do not remember but my husband told me that behind the stability of my mind, apart from medicines, there was a very big contribution of a sweet little Stray Puppy, whom I called Chulbul Pandey. My doctors confirmed the same. I also felt that perhaps this lovely baby had a big role to play in my quick recovery. This was the second turning point of my life which gave me a new life and purpose. But soon after my recovery, that little baby could not survive due to being ill. I still keep him in my memory.


It has been almost 8 years to all this and now I am completely healthy. Somewhere in my heart, I know that the little stray puppy gave me a new life. So now it was my turn to save the lives of the stray pups. We have started working for them by withdrawing money from our savings for stray pups. I am happy that my husband has stood by me forever. Although we have been working continuously for the pups for years, now I want to work officially for the stray dogs.

We have started our organization “The PAWsitive Effects” for the stray dogs. “The PAWsitive Effects” is not an organization but a resolution to protect the pups and dogs. I am proud to say that we are “The PAWsitive Effects” and we raise the helpless, malnourished and needy puppies of the road. We get them vaccinated, sterilize the female dog, treat adult and small injured or injured puppies. We build and repair new temporary shelters to protect the homeless puppies. We also work for their adoption, so that more and more puppies can get home.


While working for the pups I have realized that nothing we do for the stray dogs can be enough. I or people like me are just helping them live life and not much. Sometimes I get very upset as around 90% of the puppies we get adopted are left again on the roads within 3 to 5 months because the pups grow up and do not look as cute as they were earlier after they grow up. I do not understand what to do? Apart from bred dogs, people should adopt stray dogs, so that these poor babies can also get their home. This is what I wish to do in the future. I want to build a shelter where stray pups can spend their lives from the first day of their lives to the last day without any problems. People love foreign breed dogs more than stray dogs and it is also natural because they are very attractive in appearance. It is not their fault. Therefore, to make Indian dogs desirable, I want to get these pups of Indian breed to get basic training and advance training in my shelter so that they can have maximum adoption in homes, institutions, forces and they can have a better tomorrow. No matter how much I or people like me can do, is ever enough. I seek the cooperation of everyone in this noble cause.

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  • Athena Ng 3 years ago Reply

    Broke my heart when hearing puppies have to go through all these adoption steps to finally gotten settled. 🙁
    Athena Ng recently posted…Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2020 For Him & (Mostly) HerMy Profile

  • Holly Choules 3 years ago Reply

    This story was amazing! I love how the smallest of things – in this case, a tiny little pup – can lead to a such a huge transformation for the better. Happy to hear about your healing process. I hope you can help lots of little pups find their future homes. <3

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