Meet Renee Lynn An American Woman Who Loves India As Her Second Mother Land!

Meet Renee Lynn An American Woman Who Loves India As Her Second Mother Land!

Renee Lynn, is an American woman based in Jerseyville, New Jersey. She loves yoga, Bollywood movies, Hindi and Tamil music and calls herself as an Indophile. She is a globe trotter and loves to write about India, Hindu Religion, Krishna, and Cows! Renee says India is ‘my pride, passion, and pleasure.’ She likes to go by her Indian name Pooja and has visited India several times. Renee Lynn is running a project named Voice For India to support and stand-up against the media, and propaganda against India.


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Recently in Quantico series in which Indian actor Priyanka Chopra is in the main lead, it was showed that Hindu men with Rudrakshas who are identified as Indian nationalists under Indian government planning a Nuclear attack on Manhattan and blaming Pakistan. Following this, Priyanka Chopra with the FBI team comes to stop it. In reply to Priyanka Chopra, Renee Lynn said,

“I love America as much as I love India. But I would have never betrayed India in the fashion you did in the recent TV series betraying Indians as terrorists and Pakistanis as victims. Especially when everyone knew Pakistan is the terror-hub of the world. Why is that the people like you so anti-national get all the attention in the public eye? Where were you when the Hindus were attacked? Why don’t you raise your voice and be a voice for the Hindus. I’ve been working very hard in my upcoming project to be a voice for India to make a difference in India and also Shreem Sharma from the very popular Instagram page ‘Hinduism for page’ also has been working very hard to make a difference. It would be very nice to have you collaborate with me on my voice for India project and you could be a voice for the Hindus and Thank you. Hindustan Zindabad”

Meet Renee Lynn An American Woman Who Loves India As Her Second Mother Land!

Renee Lynn has also written a letter supporting the Indian Army.

This is the letter that Renee has written:

Dear Leaders,

My name is Renee Lynn and I am an American.

I stand with the Indian Armed Forces because:

-how many times do we have to talk peace with a country that has no principles like Sanatan Dharma.

-how many Army Men will lose their lives in the name of a country that is the breeding hub for terrorists.

-so called social activists and media cry human rights for terrorist but they forget that Jawans also are humans with human rights.

-I love India and want to feel safe when I come to India.

-Please protect and save my motherland, right from an American girl with an Indian heart.





Meet Renee Lynn An American Woman Who Loves India As Her Second Mother Land!


We are so proud of you Renee. In spite of being a ‘foreigner’ you are more connected to India then some of the Indians themselves. You are a true example of love you love your own country America as well as the land where you feel connected to i.e. India. This world would be such a beautiful place full of love and peace if we have more people like you. You are amazing and a Wonderful Woman!

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Comments (11)

  • Nishkarsh 2 years ago Reply

    I’ve some perfect plan to share with my dear Sister Renee Lynn. How can I???

    Nishkarsh 2 years ago Reply

    One can talk with me on this ? youtube channel
    ‘Bharat Ka Bhavishya’

  • Venkatkrishnan 2 years ago Reply

    I would like to send you two books, if you give me your address.

  • For your information, Sanatana Dharmas is not a phrase used anywhere in Indian scriptures. The word was coined by Vivekananda because "Hindu' is a name that has foreign origin. 3 years ago Reply

    Sanatana Dharma is not a phrase you’d find anywhere in Indian scriptures in relation to religion.Dharma does not mean religion or a belief system in Sanskrit. You would find phrases like Kshatriya dharma, Shudra Karma etc. in many ancient texts – surely you do not think Kshatriyas and Shudras are different religions? Dharma mans one’s sacred duty. (अहम् मम धर्मं करिष्यामी) The Phrase Sanatana Dharma to mean eternal faith was coined by Vivekananda because he believed “Hindu’ is a name that has foreign origin. Vivekananda had also pointed out that Dharma does not mean religion.

  • VINAY KUMAR BHARGAVA 3 years ago Reply

    In total Litt. related to Hindu or sanatam dharam, nowhere the word Hindu is used. Here everything is described for entire universe or entire humanity. This quality is not found in any religion in entire world. They talk about only their community. But only Hindu religion is even today talking about entire universe. And mam I salute u for speaking good things related to Hindu religion before entire world Thanks.

  • Vedica Gupta 4 years ago Reply

    You are such an amazing person!
    Thankyouu so much for supporting india with an immense affinity.
    Lots of respect to you? #jaihind #proudindian??

  • Ad 4 years ago Reply

    It’s Soul touching

  • Ankit tiwari 4 years ago Reply

    You are the inspiration if many. India is fighting not only with external threat but internal threats as well.

  • Deimile 5 years ago Reply

    Very inspiring to do good not only in your own country?

    Ravi Sachdeva 5 years ago Reply

    My dear American guys, hi, I’m Ravi Sachdeva from India. I’m an artist, singer, sports person, physical trainer,Today I know well that American are also very very good I proud of you all American guys love you very very much.

    We can talk to each other on many subjects it will be pleasure talking to you guys.
    You can contact me through +918294885434, +919540507885
    Email address :- [email protected]

    Paresh Honkeri 3 years ago Reply

    Demile thanks for your concern we Satya Santana Dharmi or Hindus don’t have unity amongst us and fyi abusing Hindus is termed as (cool) in India because of lack of unity however Narendra Modi became the PM till certain limit we’re safe.

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