Meet Roxann D’souza A Passionate Yoga Teacher and An Animal Lover

Meet Roxann D’souza A Passionate Yoga Teacher and Animal Lover

Social media is a great platform to connect like-minded people from different parts of the world. Since I started blogging, I have made many good friends around the globe who live in different countries and speak different languages. The common thread that binds us all is our gender i.e. we are all women and that we all want to inspire other women by sharing our experiences. I’m always looking for women whose journey can motivate us to do our best in life. Recently while I was browsing facebook I came across a facebook page by Roxann. I was completely awestruck by looking at her beautiful pictures in different Yoga postures showing the rubber-like flexibility of her body. I immediately contacted her for being a part of WonderfulWoman and I’m happy that she agreed. Here’s an interview with this enthusiastic Yoga Girl in which she has candidly talked about the various ups and downs of her life which led her eventually to be a Yoga Guru and her love for furry friends! Read on to know more about Roxann D’souza.

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WonderfulWoman: Hello Roxann! Please introduce yourself to all our esteemed readers.

Roxann D’souza: Hi! I’m Roxann D’Souza. I’m a 27-year-old woman. I’m born and brought up in a Christian family in India. Whenever I get some time, I love to sing, dance, play with my pets and binge watch tv shows!

WonderfulWoman: So, Roxann how and when did you find your passion for yoga?

Roxann D’souza: My previous job was quite glamorous, you’d never find me without makeup and my hair was always in crazy colors. But in reality, I was hiding behind many layers of makeup. I couldn’t connect with this lifestyle, I felt trapped and unhappy. So I enrolled myself in different classes. I went to a yoga class in my neighborhood and soon it became a part of my everyday schedule. It made me feel confident and beautiful, even in my tracks and sweaty hair. My days felt complete and I was content. I slowly started accepting myself as I am, pimples, dark circles and all. I realized that I was trying to be someone else all along, I was finally getting to know the real me.

WonderfulWoman: Alright, and when did you decide to take Yoga as your career?

Roxann D’souza: When I would reach home from work, I would research online yoga classes and read up on yoga poses. I began following many famous Instagram yogis and yoginis and I was intrigued with their lives. We live in a time where creative professions are no longer looked down upon. So after much thought, I decided to follow my passion – yoga.

WonderfulWoman: Roxann please tell us why do you think it’s necessary for everyone to practice Yoga?

Roxann D’souza: It is extremely important to keep physically and mentally active whether it is yoga asanas, dance or the gym. But yoga is so much more than just asanas and pranayama, it’s about compassion, love, and spirituality, so according to me, everyone must practice yoga.

WonderfulWoman: Great. Will you please name some simple yoga asanas which anyone can easily perform?

Roxann D’souza: Some simple, important everyday asanas are the downward dog (Adho Mukha sv asana), upward dog ( Urdhva Mukha Svan asana).

roxann 3

WonderfulWoman: Thanks. We have heard that you are a crazy animal lover. Is it true?

Roxann D’souza: Oh yes, that’s true. I’ve loved animals since I was a child. It’s my dream to start a shelter someday for all our strays. I’m glad and grateful that I have the time and resources to help out whenever I can. I have adopted beautiful indie dogs Honey (13 yrs) El (10 months) and my beloved Tinkerbell (she is in doggie heaven)

WonderfulWoman: Apart from Yoga, what are some other activities that you love to engage in?

Roxann D’souza: My family and I love singing and dancing. Music is a constant in our home. In my spare time, I binge watch movies and tv shows and play with my beloved pets.

WonderfulWoman: Roxann, what are your dreams for your future?

Roxann D’souza: I have too many dreams for the future, but learning more about yoga and improving my practice is my top priority.

WonderfulWoman: That’s great. If you get an opportunity to change one thing in our society what would it be and why?

Roxann D’souza: Our society lacks awareness, whether it is treating women with respect, protecting the environment and caring for animals, awareness needs to be created. But we are moving forward, slowly and steadily – for example, the plastic ban took a while, but it has made people aware of the environmental issues that we face.

WonderfulWoman: What is one message you want to give to all women out there?

Roxann D’souza: I would like to tell all the women out there to not let any person, any job or any situation bring them down. And never be afraid to speak your mind, your voice matters, you matter.

WonderfulWoman: Thanks a lot Roxann for giving us your precious time. It was a pleasure having you on Wish you all the best for your future!

Roxann D’souza: Thank you so much.



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  • Erica 2 years ago Reply

    Nice Blog!
    I do yoga daily.. It keeps my mind relax.

  • Admin 4 years ago Reply

    Indian prime minister has made yoga popular all over the world. It has helped many to gain popularity all over the world and she is one of them.

  • Mary 4 years ago Reply

    I officially have to try yoga now!

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