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Recently I came across a Ted Talk shared by one of my friends on her Facebook timeline by a woman who has done not just one but many wonders in her life Parul Agrawal. From being an Electrical Engineering student who moved to the US after a big fat Indian wedding to a lady who transformed her own life and then started transforming others’ lives by her Drink Green Mission Parul has been a champion in many fields! She is the Founder and CEO at Growth Media, writer at Forbes Coaches Council, International Amazon Bestseller of many books and a Public Speaker. Parul has many achievements in her name. Her mission is to help people write books and create a platform by getting on stages to shine in their field. Here’s her extremely uplifting and motivating story for you all as Women’s Day Special Gift!

Parul Agrawal is originally from India. She arrived in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, to start her own family after having a big fat Indian wedding. New country, new culture, new food, new education system, she wanted to explore it all. Having a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from India, she obviously wanted to pursue higher studies in the US as it has one of the best higher education standards the world has to offer.

Parul got this golden opportunity to graduate with two masters’ degrees- one in Electronics System Engineering Technology and second in Material Science Engineering from Arizona State University. Working really hard and partying even harder, she never really cared about what she was eating, or for that matter feeding her body.  Her faulty eating habits took a toll on her health and before she even realized it, she weighed 154 pounds, and at barely five feet tall, she had a Body Mass Indicator of 30.1. It was time for a serious change!

How She Discovered Health and Wellness?

During her pursuit to find the best possible solution for her health, Parul pursued a number of Holistic Health courses and came across the wonderful world of Green Juicing.

Initially, she was appalled at the idea of drinking a glass of liquefied greens in the form of juice. But she tweaked her recipes (that’s the part she loves the most about Juicing) to her taste buds and fell in love with this Nutritional powerhouse in a glass.

Thanks to juicing, Parul lost all the excess weight she had put on in the past few years; she gained back her energy and youthfulness. She was a “new Parul ” and she was ready to make even more changes in her life.

Now it was time to take a serious look at her career choices and find what she was truly passionate about…

Turning into an Expert!

As a result of her newly engineered passion, Parul started giving workshops on healthy eating. People asked her for recipes and as she was so keen to help, she printed her best recipes for them. Eventually, these handouts became a book about green juicing- Juicing for Healthier Families. After she wrote the book she asked herself, “Did I write this book for 4 of my friends and family members?” The answer was obviously-NO. She wanted the book and her message — her passion — to reach a wider audience. What popped for her is that because of her technical background as an Engineer, Parul Agrawal was easily able to study and understand this new world of book publishing and marketing. She worked tirelessly during the launch period to promote her book online and offline. Parul’s book became an International Bestseller in multiple countries and categories. After its release, people started asking her the “secret” of what looked like an overnight success.

Within three years, she had the privilege of guiding over 150 writers to become published, Bestselling Authors. Now, Parul helps people self-publish, launch and market their books to become #1 Amazon Bestselling Authors and to build their author platform!

The Mompreneur Movement!

Parul Agrawal’s adventure with community books started from taking the epic challenge to release “When You’re DONE Expecting”, is not just a book but a compilation of stories from more than 100 women from all around the world which is very close to her heart. It landed as #1 on Amazon and is trending on Amazon to date. In this book, Parul suggests No matter what kind of Mom you are… a stay at home mom, working mom, mompreneur, teenage mom, birth mom, adoptive mom, single mom, or grandmother…motherhood is an experience that ties us all together. We may live in different corners of the world, have different value systems, cultures, or religious beliefs, but we all speak the same language – the language of Motherhood. Every mother has similar fears and challenges, and a beautiful desire to provide a loving and supportive environment for her children. So join us on the laughter-filled, tear-inducing journey full of endless twists and turns… called Motherhood.

The Growth Hacking Movement

On July 13th, 2019, Parul Agrawal published “The Growth Hacking Book.” The book made it to the Book Authority’s Top Silicon Valley Books for 2019 and has been featured on Forbes as one of the Top 8 Books To Inspire the Solopreneurs On Your Holiday Gift List. In this book, more than 35 enterprising authors from different parts of the world: India, Canada, Netherlands, Costa Rica, Poland, Trinidad, Great Britain, and the USA…, and different areas of Digital Business: Social Media Marketing, Content Creation, Brand Psychology, Sales Funnels, Business Strategy, Growth Hacking…, are shared their groundbreaking ideas on growing businesses using different offline and online marketing strategies in the book titled “The Growth Hacking Book”. Her contributors are: TEDx Speakers, successful business owners, C-level executives from giant companies like Housing, Ola, Microsoft, and the likes, growth marketing experts, highly followed and respected marketing influencers and trailblazers of their industry. The book became an International Bestseller and #1 Amazon Hot New Release in multiple countries. It has been endorsed by Amitabh Kant, the CEO, and Director of NITI Aayog, Government of India.

July 13th is now recognized as “International Growth Hacking Day.”

Parul’s story shows how a woman can break all barriers and reach the heights she has always dreamed of! All that you need to turn your dreams into reality is a little passion, hard work and complete dedication to your goal! Keep rocking Parul, we need more wonderful women like you!

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