My Journey – Homemaker to Author: Nilshree Damani


18th May 2020, just 3 days after he turned 5, my son asked me, “Mumma, everyone in the house does something. Grandma goes to office, papa works for a bank, uncle is working from home, what do you do?” I collected all my thoughts, gathered all my courage and politely said, “I am here to take care of everyone!” That may have answered his question, but did not convince him to the fullest, his expressions clearly showed that! After that started the brain churning!

I took a maternity break from my work which unfortunately kept extending. I kept looking for opportunities to work from home or part time or flexible working options. But nothing worked in my favour. Also it wasn’t about monetary gains, but about giving justice to my education and qualifications. I am an engineer (BE, E&TC) by the way! I started writing in 2018. The very first writing I posted publicly was a poem on my son’s third birthday. Got a lot of appreciations for it, and then made my mind to give writing a shot. Totally determined to make an identity of my own, I gave my 100% to learn this new skill. Took every feedback positively, tried implementing it in my future writings. Did not take a flight on compliments, tried staying grounded and rooted!

After being featured at multiple renowned platforms, realising refinements and upgrade in my writing skill, I decided to take my skillset a level up by becoming an author, a decision I would never regret! It wasn’t easy, but determination and hard work made it possible for me. I have learned a lot throughout the process of both my books. I still continue to learn, I know it’s never going to stop! I have a piece of advice for all homemakers reading this. You may not choose to leave a legacy behind, but you definitely got to have an identity of your own. Also it’s not about monetary gains always. Sometimes it’s about that feeling of content which you get after you level up domain of your choice.

Remember, we are all students in this school called life, and time is our best teacher. Whatever your hobby or passion is, keep upgrading it, scale a new level every time you get that opportunity. It is very important to stay updated. I would like to thank Deeksha to have given me this opportunity and freedom of expressing my thoughts!

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