My Journey to being an Author: Divya Gupta Kotawala

Author Divya Gupta Kotawala

Since childhood, I enjoyed a happy and carefree life in the shelter of my parents’ love and affection till I got married at the age of 22. As a student of Modern School, I was always very hardworking and excelled well in studies as well as extra curricular activities. When I joined St.Stephen college I continued to be a good student and passed with flying colours. Post marriage, what took over was responsibilities and complexities of a married life that was soon followed by the birth of my daughter.

Slowly life got busy and committed to various social and personal responsibilities.Sometimes the physical distance takes over the emotional one and that exactly happened in the case of my relationship with my dad, Shri Suresh Gupta, in a family of four – mom, dad, my brother and me. I always looked up to my dad for any advice and suggestions as I thought he was the most experienced and wise of all. His opinions matter and his decisions affected me.So when I lost him to COVID last year, suddenly it hit me hard. For someone who was my idol left so quietly that it was tough to accept and move on in life with the guilt and pain of being unable to do anything for him who helped in every milestone of life and that’s when I decided to pen down my love and my feelings for him. What started as a befitting tribute to a beautiful life lost during the pandemic in the most challenging circumstances soon took the shape as guide manual for many such people who lost their precious ones to COVID. Unable to get any closure to their grief and loss, left all alone and helpless.

My book helps me to transform my grief into strength and how life moved on without the shelter of a loved one without any choice. Also it makes me believe that our loved ones never ever leave us, they walk beside us unheard and unseen and keep guiding us as our guiding angels always.I believe a life’s story of a person is the biggest legacy that one can leave behind and my this book ‘My Dad’s Daughter’ is just an attempt to capture the story of my dad’s life to carry forward for generations to learn from, as even a simple yet fulfilling life can be a lesson for many unknown people too.

My pain made me an author but what life has in store; I don’t know. I leave the decision to the divine to guide me. This book is inspired by my dad’s life and will continue to be my biggest treasure till I live, as everytime I will feel lost and alone, pages of this book will bring back my dear dad close to me like old times .My book, My Dad’s Daughter is a tribute to my dear dad in heaven for being such an extraordinary person in not only my life but of many others.

It is a way to keep him close forever and protect his memories from fading away with the dust of time. It is a way to connect with people who, like me, lost a loved one to the pandemic and are still struggling to find closure to answer the question WHY US!

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