Pleasures of Being Alone!

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Ever wondered how much you can learn and gain in your own company? No, well I do it quite often! There’s no doubt we love partying with friends, going out with family and enjoy being surrounded by our loved one. But spending time with yourself is equally important. You introspect, do self-analysis, appreciate yourself for the milestones achieved and make resolutions never to repeat the mistakes made. So, in my view, there are certain perks of being alone and these must not be ignored! I completely love my ‘alone’ time and so here is a short poem which you too can relate to if you are also like me enjoying your time with yourself! Read and share!

Pleasures of Being Alone!

Yes, I love being alone!

I enjoy my own company,

The time I spend with myself is Precious, 

I love looking at the beauty of nature around me, 

I love staring at the vast blue sky, 

I wonder whether I will go to the sky when I leave this mortal body? 

I try to figure out the shape of Almighty looking at the beautiful white clouds… 

I feel the cool breeze brushing my hair, I feel the much needed and badly missed inner peace when I am with myself! 

I get answers to many riddles of life that I am unable to solve in the hustle and bustle of life.

I remember my mom’s dream for myself…

The forgotten promises I made to myself for fulfilling my dreams… 

I get the strength and encouragement to do the right things in life…

I appreciate myself for doing the best I can and pat my back for being so strong…

Though I love spending time with my loved ones pleasures of being Alone is unmatched!! 

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